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NBA Live Mobile Android 12000K

$49.89 USD

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NBA Live Mobile Android 24000K

$99.58 USD

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NBA Live Mobile Android 36000K

$149.07 USD

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NBA Live Mobile Android 60000K

$247.95 USD

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NBA Live Mobile Android 72000K

$296.94 USD

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NBA Live Mobile Android 84000K

$345.74 USD

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NBA Live Mobile Android 96000K

$394.34 USD

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NBA Live Mobile Android 120000K

$491.94 USD

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NBA Live Mobile Cash

What is the NBA Live Mobile Game?
NBA Live Mobile (NBALM for short), is a free-to-play basketball video game available for iOS and Android platforms. It was released in July 2016 as NBA Live's version for mobile platforms. The game is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

How to Spend NBA Cash in the NBA Live Mobile Game?
NBA Live Mobile has two types of currency. The first one is called NBA Live Mobile coins. It is acquired in game for completing activities and it is spent at the game store alone or together with the other type of currency. NBA Live Mobile Cash can be purchased within the NBA Live Mobile app. Players will see the price in their own currency depending on regional settings. Although NBA cash can be obtained in small amounts as an in game reward, the primary way of getting it is buying NBALM Cash for real money from Joymmo.com online game store. More about how to purchase NBA cash from us, please contact our Live Chat free!