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17 September
Path Of Exile Makes A Number Of Tuning Adjustments To The Blight League With Its Next Patch This Week

The Blight league in Path of Exile will spawn fewer monsters when the game's next patch arrives this week. It was just spawning too many monsters before, impacting performance without really affecting the challenge,

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30 August
New Mine Skills in Path of Exile: Blight

The Blight expansion will come alongside major changes to the Mine system, as well as three new Mines, a new reservation skill for trappers and miners, three new supports and reworks to existing mine supports and unique

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18 June
Path of Exile - Legion Week 2

You can find the details for this event on the announcement page  We're now in the second week of Legion and we're still really pleased to see how much people are enjoying the new content. We want to keep

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08 June
The Key Point of Full Contents of POE 3.7.0 Patch Notes

With the release of POE 3.7 Legion Patch Notes, the full details of the POE 3.7 Expansion and Legion League are revealed.  Path of Exile Legion League comes alongside PoE 3.7.0 Patch, which will bring with it a m

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08 June
Major New Content of Path of Exile: Legion 3.7.0 Patch Notes

The next major expansion to “Path of Exile” is expected, on June 7, Legion (Update 3.7.0) will be released. Now the developers have unveiled the official patch notes for this update. The official POE 3.7.0

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