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28 August
Fortnite's V10.20 Patch Notes Are Now Live

The latest update for Epic Games' popular battle royale title is now live, with the Fortnite v10.20 Update officially releasing on Tuesday, August 27 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, and brin

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12 August
Fortnite Season X Competitive Update: New Targeting Laser For Brute, Mech Remains In All Core Game Modes

Season X Competitive Launch Update Fortnite Champion Series The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) kicks off next week and will be the next step in competitive Fortnite for 2019. Starting on August 17, there will be a

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24 July
Birthday Bash, Overtime Challenges, And Exclusive Fortnite World Cup Finals Outfits

Fortnite's second birthday and the Fortnite World Cup Finals are all right around the corner, so let's dive into the details! Overtime Challenges The challenges will kick off on Tuesday, July 23 and run u

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23 July
Fortnite Is Gearing Up For A Season 10 Makeover With Cattus VS Doggus

Fortnite, the most popular escape game of all time, is nearing the end of its 9 season and is gearing up for its season 10 in August. As always, each season turns into a new season map with a period defined event, and th

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05 July
Fortnite x Stranger Things Is Now Live And The New Skins Have Leaked

Epic Games has been teasing a crossover between their hit battle royale game and Netflix's Stranger Things for some time now, with more and more evidence coming to light over the past week. Netflix's release of

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05 June
Fortnite Special Edition Xbox One S Purple is Out on June 7

Early before, it is leaked that d that Microsoft and Epic Games have teamed up for a new purple Xbox One Fortnite bundle. As now rumored and confirmed The Xbox One S Fortnite Battle Royale Special Edition bundle will be

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28 May
Best Landing Locations for Both Sole and Duo Play on Fortnite Season 9 Map

Just a few days ago, I see some Fortnite players asking what's a good drop for solo Arena in 270+ Lobbies on Fortnite Season 9 map. A good landing spot with good Loot, not heavily contested and having good rotations

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20 May
A New Dark Vertex' Fortnite Xbox One S Bundle Is Coming, And Here’s Everything You Should Know

If you've been waiting to purchase a new Xbox One S and are a big Fortnite fan, then there's a new bundle that could be on the way for you! A leak has shown that Microsoft is once again partnering with Epic Games

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10 May
Fortnite Season 9: New Battle Pass Skins, Map Changes, and More

Fortnite Season 9 is on the horizon - offering significant map changes and new skins. At the moment, Fortnite players noticed that Tilted Towers and Retail row are being destroyed during the unvaulting event. In add

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23 April
Early Look at Fortnite Battle Royale Loot Lake Rune In-Game Event

A strange new item has appeared in Fortnite Battle Royale since 12pm EST/5PM GMT on April 19 and is slowly moving around the map while making a deafening whirring noise. So, what’s the new items means? Well, it see

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