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The New Areas in Digimon Masters Online OdaibaDigimon Masters Online Odaiba Episode Is Coming

2019-06-24 01:47:06

Ready for New Adventure?

New Map- Enjoy the Original Story

New areas 
Enjoy the original story. New areas in the map.
Journey to find the 8th chosen child.
The chosen children from Digital World returned to the Real World to chase Myotismon, and in the Real World, Myotismon was already looking for the 8th Chosen Child with his minions.

Camp Site
The place where the chosen children left the summer camp and began their adventure.
Also chosen children returned from Digital World to find the 8th chosen child in Real World.

Valley of Light
The center of the accident known as the place of bombing terror 4 years ago.
The chosen children realized that the accident on that day wasn't a bombing terror, but collision among Digimons.

The chosen children and Army of Myotismon are furiously looking for the 8th chosen child.
Defeat the monsters making fuss in the city.

Tokyo Tower
Finally arrived at Tokyo Tower finding the 8th chosen child!
More fierce enemies confronting the chosen children!

Tokyo Tower Observatory
The place where Sora and MiMi fought with SkullMeramon to find the 8th chosen child. Stop resisting SkullMeramon

Transcendence- More Powerful and Variety
-Max Lvl Expansion <Lvl 99 → Lvl 120>
-Skill Proficiency <Proficiency 25 → 30>
<Max Level 15 → 20>
UI Reorganization

White-bearded Guru's Record Event
-You can find the White-bearded Guru NPC form DAT Center
-Talk to him and Collect many bonuses through Story Events!

White-bearded Guru's Request Event
-There will be the Raid Event and provide bonuses by rankings.
-There are more information in our Community Hub

Chosen Children Event
-Your partner digimon will get stronger during the period!
(HP, DigiSould, Defense, Attack 50% increase)

White-bearded Guru's Encouragement Event
-You can get exp 1000%!

And many more events and promotions are on going!