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Warframe 'Saint Of Altra' Update Rolls Out For PS4, Xbox One, And Switch

2019-09-20 09:05:51

Console space ninjas can finally rock it out with their PC brothers-in-arms with the release of the Warframe Saint of Altra update for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The update will allow console players to release their inner rockstars with the revamped Shawzin Emote.

"The Saint of Altra update features a brand new way to enjoy Warframe now that one of the community's favorite emotes has become a playable instrument. The guitar-like Shawzin instrument (available in the Marketplace) offers Tenno the ability to create their own songs (or re-create their favorite ones), record, play and share them with other players. Strum us a song, Tenno!"

The update also introduces the Gauss warframe to consoles. The agile water-walker is armed with a number of Kinetic Energy-powered offensive and defensive abilities. Gauss can be constructed for free using parts acquired in the game or purchased directly from the Marketplace.

"The 41st Warframe offers a suite of Abilities using kinetic movement to build up his unique speed gauge to unleash an arsenal of offensive and defensive Abilities. They include Mach Rush, Kinetic Plating, Thermal Sunder, and Redline."

In addition to the new Shawzin Emote and a new warframe, the Saint of Altra update also comes features the bigger, better, and tougher Disruption Mode. Bonafide space ninjas can now go up against the toughest enemies for a chance to acquire some of the best rewards in the game.

Take a peek at the Saint of Altra update in the official update trailer below.