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31 May
Dofus Touch: Welcome Four Brand New Figurines To Online Ankama Shop

Four new figurines appeared on the Ankama Shop already. Yugo, Amalia, Ecaflip and Sram have big fat heads and are very cute, which suits them perfectly! Available individually or in packs with a 6,000 Ogrine card

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30 April
How to Best Play The M48 Patton in World of Tanks

The M48 Patton, also known as the Fatton, is a favorite tank for many players. The M48 Patton is very capable and, just like every other tank, in the right hands, will give painful anal. The M48 Patton is known to be the

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12 April
Dofus Touch Beginner Guide: How To Level Up Fast And Easy

Many Dofus players are looking for ways of ranking up fast. Honestly, there is no way you can just straight up create a guide to 200 from level 1 in one article. However, after playing Dofus for a long time, I’ve a

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