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Buy Arena of Valor Account Europe

Safe & Cheap Arena of Valor Account On Sale! 
About this account:

1. We provide Safe accounts, all created by league methods. 
2. All accounts reached to Level 30 (Full level until now), at least activated 5 Heroes. (14 more Free Heroes available, the number of heros are uncertain in each account, the most numbers are 19 available Heroes)
3. Available Heroes are random, we are unable to choose the Heroes you like.

Delivery info:
1. Delivery in 30 mins after received the order, 24/7 online support can provide you Pro and even the world's most favorable gaming services!
2. We need you provide us a Facebook account which never linked with Arena of Valor before. Then we will link our guest account to your provided Facebook. 
3. Please make sure the provided information all correct, so that we can deliver the account to you in 30mins.
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Europe 80000Gold

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