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A Complete Auto Chess Mobile Beginner Guide: Release Date, New Features and How to Download and Install Auto Chess Mobile

2019-06-10 01:36:06

Auto Chess Mobile is a self-branded mobile transition from Dota Auto Chess. With that in mind,Auto Chess Mobile is no longer connected to the Dota universe,and it won’t feature any of Dota’s heroes or themes, but it will retain all of the mechanics players have come to know and love.Starting from May 30 th, Auto Chess Mobile is now in beta test. So, when will Auto Chess Mobile officially launch on mobile devices? How to download and install Auto Chess Mobile? What new features to expect from Auto Chess Mobile? In this Auto Chess Mobile guide, Joymmo.com will explain all of them to you. In addition, if you are playing Dota 2 Auto Chess, Cheap Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy is on sale at Joymmo.com

How to download and install Auto Chess Mobile?

Drodo Studio aren't finished fine-tuning Auto Chess mobile, so it's currently only available in a test form. It's missing a few features here and there, but overall you'll still be treated to a decent portion of the game before it launches for real.

Below we've linked a video by Claytano which takes you through the process of getting Auto Chess mobile on your device no matter where you're based in the world.

How to play Autochess Mobile on PC?

If you’re one of those people that just hate playing games on phones but you’d like to give Auto Chess Arena Mobile a try, download an Android Emulator (Bluestacks is great) and emulate an Android device on it. Upload the .apk file and install it just like you would on a real phone, login into Auto Chess and you’ll be able to play it on your PC.

When is Auto Chess mobile releasing?

Currently there isn’t an official release date for Auto Chess mobile, but we imagine it’ll be arriving later this year.

When is Auto Chess iOS releasing?

Currently there isn’t an official release date for Auto Chess iOS as well, but since the Android version has little to no issues it is rumored that the iOS Auto Chess Mobile game is on its way.

What’s new in Auto Chess Mobile?

Ranking System

Unlike Dota Auto Chess where players get their rank after 5 calibration matches, everyone starts off as ‘Pawn’ in <Auto Chess Mobile>.

Shop and Warehouse

In Dota Auto Chess, the shop is simply a gashapon machine and a courier warehouse. In the mobile version, you can get ‘Skins’ and ‘Avatars’ from the gashapon machine. As of now, the only skin available is a character called ‘Piggy Girl’.

As for the Avatar, it has 2 tiers which cost 2 candies and 5 candies respectively. In the Inventory, we noticed a ‘chessboard’ option. We strongly believe that there will be different chessboards in the future that you can get through the gashapon machine. Currently, the default chessboard is called ‘Island’.

‘Friends’ System

The ‘Friends’ system is not available yet but we noticed an ‘email’ feature in the game. Naturally, there is no observer function at the moment too.