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A complete Toram Online Guide For Beginners: Class Picking, Leveling Up And Making Spina

2019-04-16 09:22:51

Toram Online is one of the most popular mobile MMORPG, where players choose from different classes, build them with different skills and stat attributes and lead them explore a huge persistent world and take on powerful bosses. If you are still new to the game, be sure to study up below for a good start in the game.


Building A Character


Class Selection

There is a total of six different classes for players to choose, each of them coming with different skills and abilities. As with class, I would say that Katana is more meta now since it's one of the newest weapons and has the highest damage output. Go for staff if you prefer fighting at the backlines or prefer farming mats like Nightmare crystals, or wood metal cloth mana and medicine points. Otherwise go katana as katana is pretty strong with combos. Here's a list of all available classes in the game. You can check the video below to see how to build a character.

Sword – DPS/Tank
Bow – DPS
Staff – DPS/Farmer
Knuckle – DPS/Tank
Halberd – DPS
Katana – DPS





As with leveling, personally, the best way to level is doing main quest. Set all bosses to easy and hire a high level merc and it goes pretty fast. Next best way is killing bosses on ultimate or nightmare difficulties which are within 4 levels of you. Next is killing mobs within 4 levels of you. Slowest (but arguably easiest) way of leveling is side quests, namely bnut farming quest from levels 25 - 55, and Nightmare Crystal farming quest at level 55+.

Another note: accelerate your progression, I think you should hire a Mercenary for help, and buy book for Experience Boost. You can easily increase the amount of experience gained for every monster you have killed if you have this item. In addition, find equipment with Experience Bonus. They are rare and hard to find. However, once you get one, feel free to equip them to enjoy the experience bonuses you can get from every monster kill.

Making Spina

Spina is the universal currency in the game. Here are some effective ways to obtain them. Most people make spina by selling gemruns, or participating in gemruns and selling the xtals they get from it. Though, mind that this comes with the risk of losing spina you pay the persom hosting the gem run.

Whenever you get a rare item try selling it on the consignment board. Farming minotaur skins and energy bottles are good ways to earn spina too.

You can also farm York's memo paper, which goes for 4k a piece, or Red purple gelatin and Sour-sweet liquid for about 12k and 10k respectively per stack.

One last way to get spina fast and easy is to buy Cheap Toram Online Spina from Joymmo.com, a reliable, cheap and fast online in-game currency store.


skills all characters should have, regardless of class, are MP charge, and Processing. Charge restores your MP and is a lvl 1 magic skill. Processing lets you process items you find into materials without having to run back to town to have the blacksmith or synthesist do it, it's a good way to manage inventory space. Processing is a lvl 1 Smith and Alchemy skill (both skill trees get it).Another thing to watch out for is leveling Skills you absolutely do not need! In the Bow Skill Tree, there's an Skill called Sneak Attack that lessened the aggro of your next attack. If you plan on soloing and not joining parties that often,do not level this! I myself hadn’t played an RPG in a long time and levelled it because it sounded cool, but only after reading it properly did I realise that when fighting by yourself, enemy aggro is always going to be on you anyway, so leveling it at the start is not a good idea at all. Pick something else.