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Bethesda Provides a Sneak Peek Into what’s Coming at The End of July on Fallout 76

2019-07-13 09:03:29

The latest Fallout 76 Patch 11 is confirmed to release on July 16 th and the full list of patch notes that will be released during maintenance. It will highlight some great news on food spoilage, Power Armor, item descriptions and more. In addition, the team is providing a sneak peek at what’s coming at the end of July. It seems that Dwellers will get together “to beat the heat”. Expect to meet Grahm and “Chally the moo-moo”.

Do you smell smoke? It’s probably just Grahm getting the grill ready. At the end of this month, you can expect a new Seasonal Event that will bring Dwellers around Appalachia together to beat the summer heat with everyone’s favorite traveling Supermutant and his best pal, Chally the moo-moo. And no, Chally’s not on the menu.

To throw a great party, Grahm’s going to need a little help from his human friends and he’s hoping lots of you will make an appearance and lend a hand. Of course, you’ll be handsomely rewarded if his shindig is successful. Look out for more details, including the event’s start date, a little later this month.

Check the full letter on the Fallout 76 / Bethesda Blog.

Here’s a preview of Patch 11 from Fallout 76 Inside the Vault blog post:


It’s no secret that the Wasteland can be a harsh environment that leaves even the heartiest explorers feeling parched and peckish. We’re making a pair of changes that will help you more easily get to the food and drinks you’ve scrounged together before their expiration dates pass. After the update, raw food items and fluxes will last 50% longer before spoiling. Additionally, your food and drinks will no longer lose condition after you fast travel.


Lots of new Dwellers have been leaving Vault 76 for the first time over the past few weeks and, in Patch 11, we’re looking to make a few adjustments to help new and low-level characters have more gradual introductions to some of the game’s mechanics and challenges. For example, characters under level 25 will pay fewer caps when fast traveling, those under level 15 will have higher disease resistance, and we’re replacing a number of early-game Challenge rewards with items and other supplies that will give these Dwellers a better chance at survival.
We’re also looking to reduce creature difficulty in a few sub-regions within the Ash Heap, the Savage Divide, and Toxic Valley so that Dwellers who are stepping out of the Forest for the first time have fewer encounters with higher-level enemies. We’ll have more details to share in the full patch notes, but these are a few of the larger changes we’re planning to make to help new characters better adapt to life in the Wasteland.


Legendary items, crafting recipes, and item mods are about to get more descriptive! Going forward, Legendary items will now display all their current attributes, rather than just the first, whenever you view those items in trade, vending, or container menus. Additionally, when you view crafting recipes or mods in the inspect, trade, vending, or container menus, you’ll now see the description for the item they create.


In addition to fixing a number of bugs affecting Power Armor, we’re implementing a couple of quality of life improvements. For example, after Patch 11 you’ll be able to activate Stealth Boys while wearing Power Armor. We’re also adding a new “Enable Power Armor HUD” option to the Display settings that will allow you to decide whether you’d like to view the Power Armor HUD or standard HUD while using Power Armor.


We’ve read your feedback that the “Scrap All Junk” option in Workbenches shouldn’t automatically scrap bulk components that characters have in their inventories. We agree, and while it took a little time to implement, we’re happy to share that bulk junk items in your inventory will be safe from the “Scrap All Junk” option after patch 11. However, bulk junk will continue to be automatically scrapped as needed while you are crafting or repairing.


Crack open a fresh bottle of Nukashine, because you’ll once again be able to add your favorite alcohols to your Punch Bowl once Patch 11 arrives. Invite a few friends over to your C.A.M.P. and let the party commence!

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