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Early Look at Fortnite Battle Royale Loot Lake Rune In-Game Event

2019-04-23 09:20:14

A strange new item has appeared in Fortnite Battle Royale since 12pm EST/5PM GMT on April 19 and is slowly moving around the map while making a deafening whirring noise. So, what’s the new items means? Well, it seems like the new item is link to a possible new in-game event taking place at Loot Lake over the coming days. Here’s everything we know about this event.

Rune Event

Mysterious Runes in Fortnite

With the release of update v.840 earlier this week, a massive vault was found underneath Loot Lake. Earlier on April 19, players reported that they see a massive metal object with a glowing rune projected from it. Having appeared out of nowhere, the object quickly drew the attention of several players.

The Rune moves a couple of meters when it is dealt a specific amount of damage and then its health bar resets. The Rune initially had almost 15 million HP and as more and more players have started to participate in the event, the health points have increased to almost 1 billion HP. The current rate at which players are damaging the Rune is almost 1 million HP per second and we might see an increase in the rate when more player join.

Based on the symbol of the rune, and the overall appearance of the object, it appears to be directly tied to the vault that was unearthed at Loot Lake. However, at the time of this writing, the object was continuing westward despite being almost directly south of Loot Lake.

According to "Fortnite" famous leaker, Hypex, the Rune is moving around the map in the same order as Kevin the Cube. The map has changed a lot since season 6, the Runes might move a little bit further on the icy biome before they reach their final destination.

Some players have reported that they are seeing Runes of different symbols at the same location on different platforms. Whatever the case may be, the hatch is definitely going to open once all the five Runes gather near Loot Lake. Considering that "Fortnite" has been testing the synced damage feature since season 7, there's a chance that Epic Game will surprise players with a boss battle once the hatch opens. Some have speculated that the metal hatch or door might not be a gateway at all, but instead the top of a spaceship buried in the ground, which would tie into earlier narrative threads regarding the alien Visitor character.

With this information, many members of the community have begun to speculate that once this object reaches its intended destination it will cause the Fortnite Season 8 live event to occur which will see the metallic object at Loot Lake to rise up out of the ground or open up in what is expected to be an exciting event. 

What do you hope to see happen during the likely Fortnite Season 8 Loot Lake rune live event? And stay tuned to Joymmo.com, as we will keep the story updated.If you need Cheap Fortnite Top Up V-Bucks, you can also visit Joymmo.com, a professional online in-game currency store.