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Fallout 76 Leather Guide: Way to Farm Leather and Best Place to Get Leather

2019-06-14 09:16:35

In Fallout 76, to survive in the waste land, you need to craft your armor, and leather is a necessary material. So, how to farm leather in Fallout 76? What is the best way to get leather? Make sure to read this Fallout 76 leather guide.

How to Get Leather in Fallout 76?

There are actually a few different ways you can get this handy crafting material as you trek across the wild wasteland of Appalachia. 


Lots of armor and clothing items can scrap down to leather. Harnesses and Athletic Clothing in particular are very common and scrap to leather. At the end of this article,we’ve made a list of all the items that can scrap down to leather.


you can go out hunting and kill mole rats, rad stags and other animals. Their skins should provide a bounty of leather for all of your crafting needs. We’ve included a list of the hides of the creatures that contain leather below for your convenience:

Deathclaw (and their hands, too!)
Mole Rat
Scorchbeast (and wing fragments)
Yao Guai


Search around for the right merchant and you can purchase:Shipment of Leather - 25” from Connie at Abernathy Farm(25% discount after minutemen quest), Greene at Graygarden(5% discount after minutemen quest), Lucas at Bunker Hill(has 2, void if you side with Cabot), Daniel at Finch Farm. And Cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps are on sale at Joymmo.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

Here is a link to all known shipments and who sells them.

Where are the best ways to farm cloth and leather?

First, the radstag herds all over Toxic Valley is a good source of leather. It is near Berkeley Springs. There are always 3 level scaled Snallygasters there and also a bunch of dead Radstag hung up, I think there are 2 randomized recipe locations too. Each Snally hide is 2(4?) Leather and you can serverhop to get as many as possible.

Brahmin for leather. There’s a lake where 3 spawn, Just keep getting their hide.

Pre-war money for cloth, and you can farm for this from cash registers. Unfortunately, there is no real concentration of cash registers outside of Whitespring, but each named location (in urbanized areas) will have at least 2-3. But there will often be a safe nearby that is also loaded with pre-war money. Also always look behind the counters that the cash registers are sitting on. You might easily end up with 200 cloth in a single game play.

Killing ghouls at whitesprings which drop tons of cloth junk.

Go to the south of 76, it’s loaded with logs. The yellow Protectrons will give you wood as well.

Here’s a full list of Fallout 76 items containing leather down below:

Baseball Glove
Broken Doll
Bubblegum Bear
Candy Fan Mr. Fuzzy
Checker Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Collectible Baseball
Comrade Chubs
Doll Head
Doll Right Arm
Emerald Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Gold Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Imported Chinese Panda
Jumbo Candy Fan Mr. Fuzzy
Jumbo Checker Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Jumbo Gold Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Jumbo Silver Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Lil’ Ginger Snuggles
Mr. Fuzzy Bear
Orange Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Pristine Teddy Bear
Purple Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Quantum Bear
Red Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Ruby Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Silver Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Souvenir Sloth Toy
Souvenir Teddy Bear
Spooky Time Mr. Fuzzy
Stuffed Grizzly
Stuffed Polar Bear
Teddy Bear
Teddy Fear
Undamaged Baseball Glove
Unstoppables! Board Game