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For Honor Guide: How to to Fight Against Hero to Earn For Honor Steel Fast?

2019-06-13 10:39:20

The smell of battle is in the air as Ubisoft's action brawler For Honor is on store shelves. Customization is a major component of the experience as players are encouraged to personalize everything about their experience from their emblem right down to each of the twelve hero classes available within the multiplayer experience. In For Honor only 3 heroes (one from each faction) are available from the beginning: Warden, Raider and Kensei. To be able to play other champions you must buy them using the in-game currency called steel. It is also used to buy items or champion status, which allows you to earn experience and rewards faster.

For Honor Guide: How To Earn For Honor Steel Fast?

Similar to renown in Ubisoft's other competitive multiplayer title, Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor also has its own in game currency known as Steel. This valuable currency enables players to purchase all kinds of items in-game including new heroes, new customization items, and more importantly, new gear for unlocked characters heroes.

Thankfully, players can earn For Honor Steel for playing just about everything For Honor has to offer. There is an easy way to earn a lot of steel really fast. It is just a one-time method, but it will let you buy four champions in about 30 minutes.
How to do it? It's really simple. Just play two of the tutorials available in the game. For finishing Basic and Advanced tutorials you will be awarded 3500 points of steel. 2000 for the Basic one and 1500 for Advanced - just enough to get 4 new champions. However, you shouldn't buy them right away. Spend your money where it's most useful. Better to buy 1-2 champions you really want to practice with, and spend the rest of the steel on the champion position.

For Honor introduces 12 different heroes, each with their own unique game style and goals - some are good at simple combat, while others are good at intercepting and harassing their opponents. However, there are some combinations and abilities that should be avoided in order to win in most encounters. For more information, please visit each section.




  • Kensei
  • Orochi
  • Nobushi
  • Shugoki

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