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How To Maximize Your Money From Hunting In Far Cry 5

2019-04-01 09:47:01

Getting money is an important process in Far Cry 5 because the most useful items cost a lot. Although there are plenty of ways to earn money in Far Cry 5, hunting animals and selling their skins are the best source of money. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to maximize your money by hunting and sharing some advanced hunting tips for beginners. Also, if you wanna get money instantly without any endeavor, you can visit Joymmo.com, where different sized packages of Cheap Far Cry 5 Credits are offered to verify your options. Now. Let’s jump in.


Far Cry 5 Hunting


The animals are divided in two categories: Land Animals and Fishes. Note that 1n Far Cry 5, fishing is a completely separate activity.

There are 16 different kinds of animals in Hope County. When you loot their corpses, you’ll collect at least one animal skin. Some animals’ pelts are worth more than others, so check the tables below for their values. There are several kinds of birds that you can hunt — ducks, eagles, grouse, turkey and vultures — but all of them drop the same item: feathers.

The other outdoor pastime in Far Cry 5 is fishing. There are 12 kinds of fish you can catch in the waters around the valley.

How To Get The Most out of Hunting?

Unlock Harvest Master Perk

There is a perk you can get called Harvest Master (2nd row from the top, far left, 8 points) .This perk will grant players double skins from animals and double the harvest from plants. This of course doubles profit. 

Use The Bow 

In Far Cry 5, using a bow to kill an animal will grant the player 2 skins whereas using a gun will only grant 1. Note that using something more devastating will only deliver a damaged skin, which has almost no value.

Therefore, if you kill an animal using a Bow, they drop double skins. This stacks with Harvest Master for a maximum of 4 skins from 1 animal. By default you can carry up to 5 skins of each animal type, but the perk Journey Pack (Prepper - 4th one down, top row, 2nd from the left, 7 points) doubles that to a maximum of 10 per animal. Using a bow and Harvest Master, you can get 8/10 with just 2 animals.

Kill Prey Type Animals

Next up, killing prey type animals (deer/turkey for example) gives you bait. You can use bait to force summon a predator type animal. Use this while hunting to get even more skin, you can easily pull in $10k in a few minutes using this method (bait can give several different typees of predators in one area, best I've seen is wolf leader/cougar/bear all on the same spot while hunting deer)

Last but not the least, Prepper Stashes give upwards of $750 and 3 perk points, that's chump change, don't go stash diving for money.

All Animals And Fish Locations

To save you time, here’s a video which showcases all animals and fish locations in Far Cry 5.




Hunting Tips

The best way to hunt is to find somewhere where the animals are concentrated so you don’t spend a lot of time walking around. Our favorite is the?Harris Residence in Holland Valley.?If you’re into big game — bison and moose — check out the?Taft Lookout Tower?on the east side of the Henbane River region.

Spend 6 perk points on?King of the Jungle?skill if you are tired of being attacked by animals. This perk makes encounters with animals less problematic (lesser risk of being detected by an animal, reduced damage).