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Mesos Farming Strategies for MapleStory M Beginners

2019-07-18 01:02:08

Mesos is the universal in-game currency on MapleStory M. For new beginners, you should keep in mined the following two strategies on earning mesos on MapleStory M when farming mesos.

Without further ado,

Making Mesos Through Classes

Various classes have inherent ability to either make or save mesos due to the abilities that they have. I usually categorize them under three groups: Low Consumable Cost (saves mesos by not having to buy as many mastery books or potions), Bossing Ability (potential source of income at higher levels), and Skills in High Demand (has an ability or abilities that is popular in training parties).

Noah has a good listing of classes that require very little potion usage. My personal preferences would include Demon Avenger for their automatic healing and high potion efficiency with % potions, Kanna due to lack of mana needs and ability to kill large amounts of monsters before they inflict damage, and explorer warrior classes in general due to their high defenses. Also, Cygnus Knights don’t require mastery books which is a potential saving point as well. Bossing-wise, you don’t really have to worry about that since it generally requires you be funded to be meso-effective.

The classes that fall under the last category would primarily be Bishops and Kannas. Bishops have an ability that increases the experience gain by 1.5x which makes them fairly popular level 70+ (especially in party play areas like Stronghold and Romeo and Juliet Party Quests). In addition, they have a plethora of skills which make them a great addition to bossing parties at higher levels. For similar reasons, Kannas are also popular, having an ability which increases the spawn rate on a map which, if efficiently cleared, allows for greater potential experience gain. At higher levels, you can oftentimes “sell” this ability (sitting in a map and keeping the ability up) for mesos per hour.

Making Mesos as you Level

Doing the glove for att scroll quests will net you some mesos, generally in the 13~20 mil range - varying per world. This is good enough to get you started but in the long run doesn’t really amount to much. However, Nexon recently implemented an “Elite Boss” system that allows you to potentially get a lot of mesos for just training at a map for an extended period of time.

Long story short, if you train at a map for a long period of time, you summon an Elite Boss which generally takes a while to defeat or cannot be defeated at all if you’re at or below its level. If you do manage to defeat it (or get someone else to), there is a bonus stage afterwards. The bonus stage involves you collecting falling bubbles or knocking chests and picking up bubbles containing prizes inside of them. If you get a yellow bubble with a purple chest, a lot of the time you will receive a rare “use” item who’s value can range anywhere from 50~400 million mesos (you’ll also sometimes get ones that are either worthless or worth around 10~20 million). This is probably the most efficient way to earn mesos at the moment for new players as well as veteran ones who aren’t funded enough to do end-game bosses. I can expand on the methods and signs for the elite boss hunting if you want but in general, train at a map with mobs within 20 levels of you and stay at the map for a while.

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