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Newbies’ Guide for Tamer Level 1-50 in Digital Monster Online

2019-04-17 01:17:47

If you are a new player to Digital Monster Online and have no idea of how to level up quickly, below, here Joymmo.com as the professional website,will provide the proper Digital Monster Online Progression Guide and help you hit Tamer Level 50 as fast as possible. Now, let’s go into the guide! By the way, if you are in demand of Cheap Digital Masters Online Tera, you can also visit our website.




Level 1-20

Head over to Western area and go straight to Western area: East. Skip the outskirts. Fight in Western area: East against Dobermon, and remember to use your map as guidance(Click monster to find spawn locations). If this is too easy for you or you are feeling confident, it is more than possible to skip this part and start the next area early.

Level 20-50

After your digimon hit level 31, return to Dats Center. Then return all Cracked Digiegg and Digiegg (Except Digiegg that contains DATA) you picked up while leveling your digimon, so that you can get enough money to go into the Village of the Beginning via D-Terminal. 

Then go right into Silver Lake. Go to Woodmon area and check if your digimon F2 is strong enough to one hit kill the Woodmons.

If your digimon is not strong enough, you can fight rookie digimon like Kunemon, or even the baby one like Tsunomon. Team up with your friends and and use your exp booster. Your digimon will level up and reach Mega level in no time. Again, the Chocolates from the Gift Box is always there to help you if you're too lazy to buy disks and foods. You will get few 4/5 digimon from the Gift Box, but I recommend you to play with the starter digimon because it's easier to reach Burst Mode, you don't need to buy the expensive Burst Mode item, just do the quest.

When your digimon level hit 44, the quests on Silver Lake should be available.
Do all of the quests, because they give huge exp.After finishing almost every quest on Silver Lake, your digimon level should be around 50, and tamer level around 30. 

Work to the next map, Silent Forest, then finish the quests like you did at Silver Lake. Remember to find party for the Ogremon quest, 

After you finished the Ogremon quest, go to the next map, Lost Historic Site. There are many quest here and finish all of them.

After you’ve complete all the quests there, your digimon should be around level 70, and tamer level 40. 

Then move on to the next map, File Island Waterfront now. To unlock the quests there, your digimon is at least level 74. if you are not qualified, you can level up on Lost Historic Site by fighting Dokugumon and Waspmon, usually there are a lot of people party there, or at File Island Waterfront, fighting Arachnemon.

As soon as your digimon hit level 74, do the quests on File Island Waterfront. After you’ve finished all quests there, congratulations! Your tamer level is 50.

That’s the end of the guide. Hopefully, it would be helpful for you!