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Nexon Launches Awakening Expansion Update into MapleStory 2

2019-06-01 01:31:11

Nexon rolls out its most anticipated Awakening Expansion Update, which is said to be the biggest update since launch via the Nexon Launcher and Steam yesterday. Along with the update comes with a new set of Job Skills to master, new Dungeons and Chaos Raids to conquer, an increase in the Level Cap to 70 and a new hero ready to battle: Striker! The biggest highlight is the addition of Eye of Lapenta, a new area with a riveting and engaging storyline containing four Dungeons more challenging than Chaos Raids. Here Joymmo.com has outlined everything you need to know about Awakening Expansion Update. So, be sure to read on.

The new in-game content includes:

Job Rank and Rank 2 Skills
After activating your Rank 2 skills at Lv. 60, you'll gain a new default ability for free, and will able to activate new, fantastical powers. You'll be able to start the Job Rank story upon reaching Lv. 60, beginning the Awakening epic storyline. Each job has two sets of four Rank 2 Skills, and will earn Rank 2 Skill Points as you level up towards Lv. 70.

New Class: Striker
“It's the master of the Mahar Punch, the Gray Wolf of Kerning City, the bravest brawler to ever set foot in the ring, iiiiiiit's Striker!”
Striker comes with a full set of skills including the new Rank 2 tree once you reach Lv. 60. Whether with fists, such as the Giant's Fist attack that sends a massive shockwave to the surrounding area, or with feet, such as the viciously powerful Dragon Kick attack, you’ll be able leap into the fray and punish evildoers with style.

New Dungeons, Chaos Raids and More
Awakening brings six new Hard Adventure Dungeons, three new Chaos Raids with both Normal and Hard variants, and a new quartet of even harder battles in the Eye of Lapenta. These battles are beyond anything you've seen before, and you'll need to stay on your toes if you want to win!

Eye of Lapenta and Lapenshards
Eye of Lapenta is a new area with a riveting and engaging storyline containing?four Dungeonsmore challenging than Chaos Raids. Along with the new area comes a new customizable skill system that uses?Lapenshards.Lapenshards are small gems available in one of three colors with a wide variety of effects that players can customize to unlock their full powers. Players will also be able to obtain the new level 60 Ascendant gear by clearing the last dungeon in Eye of Lapenta.

The Awakening Expansion update is live right now, and until June 26th, players can receive a variety of valuable loot including a Striker Daily Wonder, a Canola Bonito ground mount, a Floating Lotus air mount, and more just for logging in. To learn full MapleStory 2 Awakening update, you can visit MapleStory 2 official website.