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Pro Tips for Improving 3v3 Rotation on Rocket League

2019-06-18 01:27:50

Rotating is actually an extremely hard skill to master. That's really the way Rocket League works. Most people know the basics of rotation, but that really doesn't cut it with a game that gets faster and faster and faster. You need to get better and better and better with rotation, and really some people just can't master it. So, if you are struggling with 3v3 rotation and wondering you you losing so much, you may have seen advice from redditter CarbonRL:



1.) You can rotate any side, most of the time, as long as you do it correctly. You don't always have to go to the back post, it's just become mainstream since it's the simplest and easiest thing to do.

2.) When traveling across the field, only flip, stop using all your boost! Use 12-18 to get momentum going and start flipping. You'll be surprised on how much boost you save.

3.) Use transitional boost paths when you can't get those juicy big booty pads, without throwing yourself and your whole team out of position.

4.) Go fast. You can really win a game by just beating people to be ball. Just make sure you aren't ballchasing. There's also ways you can get faster. (1) Play with/against players that are better than you. (2) Go into freeplay and try to hit the ball as much as possible, while going as fast as possible, and while keeping it close as possible. If it gets too comfortable for you, try new things! Make it difficult. At first you’ll be missing a ton, but you'll be playing so much faster and, eventually, you'll get more consistent at playing at that speed.

5.) Know when to cut and ballchase. Cutting rotations and ballchasing is actually a really good thing when you know when to do it correctly. Here's a couple things to consider on whether or not you should cut/ballchase.
(1) Will you provide your team time to rotate out and re-evaluate the situation?
(2) Can you even challenge the ball if you were to cut/ballchase?
(3) Do you even have enough boost for the challenge?
(4) Will you be putting pressure on the opposition? You don't have to meet all of these in order to cut/ballchase.
For an example, you might have to cut to buy time for your 3rd man to come back and layer his challenge with the rest of team, while you fake the challenge and rotate same side, so 2nd man will have a better angle than you. You and 2nd man swap positions and there you go.
(1) You kept pressure without even challenging.
(2) You bought time for your team to relayer their challenges with yours.
(3) You didn't even have to rotate opposite side and you still got boost.
(4) Since you cut rotations, you also made your team's challenges faster, which makes your rotations faster and more threatening.

8.) Learn some Psychology and develop yourself as a person. I'd recommend taking a look at: (1) Mindgames Weldon (2) Tai Lopez (3) Gary Vaynerchuck (4) Sam Ovens (5) Jordan Peterson

9.) Learn from the best. Start with the top and work your way down the bottom. You want to build on a good foundation with good habits. You don't want to learn from Musty first, then Turbopolsa second (no offense to Musty). Here's the order I'd recommend learning from: (1) S4-S5 DIG/GFC and S6 C9 (2) S5 NRG and S6 TSM (3) All other RLCS teams (4) RLRS teams and coaches. (5) Higher ranked players. Make sure to continually be updating who you study or you'll get similar results as those you study. Also make sure to be studying their peak performance for what to do and to be studying their worst performances for what not to do. If OCE beats C9 and DIG next RLCS lan, study how they did it. "Good artist copy, great artist steal."

10.) This one is the most important one. Have an arsenal of rotations that you can use. There is more than one type of rotation. There's actually 4 or 5 that I've came across! Be able to play every single one of them... Each one has its pros and cons. The best part is, you can switch inbetween rotations, in-game, depending on the situation that you find yourself in. That's where it's can get unbelievably complex to keep track of, if you're analyzing it.

Hope these advice would give you some idea a little bit. For more news and guides on Rocket League, stay tuned to Joymmo.com, a professional in-game currency store for Cheap Rocket League Items.