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How to Rank From Champion 3 To Grand Champion in Rocket League 3

2019-05-27 01:14:38

A lot of Rocket League players are stuck in Champion 3 and can't reach grand champion no matter how hard they try.if you are in the same boat, then here’s what you need. 

Before I start this guide, let me make it clear that mechanics are unbelievably important when it comes to improving, and they have to be pristine. They won't be mentioned too much in this list because you will need them to be significantly good in order to use these methods effectively. 

First, be patient. Patience is so important in this game because almost all of the mistakes you will make in this game will be because you act at the wrong time. You make a bad challenge because you waited too long, or you go too early and miss. You go for an aerial too soon and you get cut off by the other team, or you wait too long and double commit with your teammate. Patience is the one thing that will help you get as far as you can by making your timing perfect. The second thing that will help you get over the edge is awareness.

Awareness is key to outplaying the other team. Being aware of boost, your teammates, and your opponents are some of the most important things you're going to want to focus on.

Having boost at all times will always allow you to go for whatever challenge you need to go for, and you wont have to sacrifice positioning to get 100 boost. Picking up the little pads whenever you can will make a huge difference instead of fully rotating out and getting the big shiny boost every time you don't have 100 boost. Also flipping around on the pitch to cover more distance instead of just boosting to where you need to be will really help with your boost preservation.

Secondly, being aware of your teammates in defense will fix a lot of your rotational issues. Seeing what direction they're facing, how they are moving around on the field, and where they are in relation to the opposing team are all key indicators to what their next action will be. Usually, notice how i said 'usually', if a teammate isn't facing the enemy team, they probably aren't going to challenge. As soon as they turn their car towards your half they are probably looking to rotate out. However, in the unfortunate case when they do decide to challenge backwards, this is where patience comes in. If your teammate is driving away, you generally will move in to challenge. However if you're too far away to challenge and you have to come crashing across the field to make a last second challenge in time, don't. Not every ball has to be challenged. Or perhaps, your teammate decides to turn around and challenge as soon as you go for it. Then it just comes down to game sense. I will repeat this many times in this discussion; every scenario is situational, and it will be up to you to determine whether or not you make the right choice. However, being aware of how your teammate plays will really help you with making better plays on defense. On the other hand, a totally different beast is being aware of your teammate on offense.

Being aware of your teammates in offense is key to scoring successfully. Being aware of your opponents in defense will help you improve all around. Not paying attention to your opponents will lead to a lot of mistakes, because it leaves so much room for error. If the opposing team has a 1v1 dribble coming at your net, and you're sitting and waiting to defend the flick, how many times have you been demoed while waiting to defend the shot? You had tunnel vision focusing on the dribbling player, but really he was just distracting you while his teammate came and blindsided you, blowing you to smithereens. Being aware of every player on the opposing team will help you become that much more in tune with how to defend their attacks. Seeing where every player is on the field will also help you read the flow of the game better. Seeing how the other team is spread out will help you read if a pass is coming, which would make intercepting the pass that much easier. Also, seeing how close the enemy team is the ball will help you get better with challenging. Obviously, if they're a lot closer to the ball than you, they will most likely beat you to the ball 9/10 times. However, if you do decide to go for a ball when the other team is closer to it than you, which can sometimes be a good decision, it would drastically effect how you have to challenge in order for it to be successful, which is why most times it is not advisable to do this. But who knows, sometimes they won't expect the unexpected. Most of the time, going for a ball that is on top of someone's car is rotational suicide, but sometimes it's so dumb it just might work.

That's the end of this guide. Hope it gives you some ideas. And if you wanna buy Cheap Rocket League Items, you can come to Joymmo.com,a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.