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Arcane Legends: Warrior Pure Elite Tank How To Build

2019-05-26 04:51:33

Many warriors don't know how to best use this class, so we wanted to share our Arcane Legends Warrior Build and how to use it. I have a cap on all classes, so we want to share that no matter what you do, a warrior will never get close to a rogue or mage's DPS. As a result, we turned my warriors into a pure tank.

The entire purpose is to maintain aggro and keep the party safe while they slaughter stuff quickly. This build is entirely focused on end Arcane Legends game elite tanking.

Arcane Legends Skills:

Chest Splitter
– Staggering Blow
This is the bread and butter Arcane Legends skill. It interrupts wind up attacks and taunts. Draw the boss to the wall and spam away while alternating auto attacks.

– Increased Radius
– Blender
– Prolonged Spin

Axe Throw
– Denting Blow
– Blacksmith's Touch
– Chained Bait
Use this for pulling and reducing armor. Reduce the urge to spam it, as it’s best to always have it available in case the boss pulls aggro. As soon as the boss faces someone else, use it!

Horn of Renew
– Increase Duration
– Challenge
– Protective Shield
The bread and butter of staying alive and keeping the team safe. You all know how it works, so just be smart in using it. If a boss has a wind up aoe attack, time it to make your whole party take no damage.

Juggernaut, Ignore Pain, Second Wind, Bring It On
Wonderful panic button that also taunts several times all mobs around you. Great to use right before walking into a pack so rogues can pick off individual mobs. Try to use it only in emergencies or pulls.


The big drawback of this build is the lack of space for Vengeful Blood, so mana could be an issue. Solved the problem by rotating between three pets (never feeding them). Nexus, Flap Jack, and Snaggletooth all give mana regen. Nexus' arcane will eliminate the need for mana pots. The others will lessen the need. If you run with a mage who has the mana heal, also a non issue.


Buy the best equipment you can afford. Prioritize armor and health. Don't worry about damage! No matter what you do, you can't do a lot of things, and your generation comes from having four skills for taunting. It swings quickly, allowing you to quickly build new attacks after your taunts catch up to your threats.

Strangely, pure tank gear is really cheap because so many warriors are trying to do damage (and can't get close to rogue or mage damage, which is 10% of the cost of warrior gear).


This is the difference between a man and a boy. If you've never played a real tank before, you'll be happy the first time you do. Pull the mob up to the wall and expose their backs so they can do harm without being hit. This makes it easy to know when it's turning around, so you can throw instant hatchet.

The combat positioning is amazing for quickly clearing elite areas. Don't be afraid to turn around and run out and renew to protect your damage dealer. The time to go back is when the DPS doesn't kill. The whole point of an efficient tank is to help clean things up quickly and easily.

Final Thoughts:

Some may find the build boring and ultimately try to change things up. While this may be true sometimes, resist the urge. When you have aggro, do NOTHING other than spam auto attack, interrupt wind up attacks, and shield your party. You want all your taunts available if a rogue goes on a crazy crit streak.

Your damage is garbage anyway, so don't worry about trying to deal any. Focus on keeping aggro and keeping everyone safe. You'll notice the runs go so much faster by focusing on positioning.

Also, this is old school MMO tanking basics, but when clearing trash and it's almost dead, leave the dps to clean up and go grab the next pack to position and grab aggro. So, if y ou don't have a stun pet, you can get yourself one with Cheap Arcane Legends Gold from Joymmo.com