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The Best Earning Arcane Legends Gold Daily Guide

2019-06-25 06:59:04

According to this guide, you can accumulate a certain amount of Arcane Legends Gold every day. So be sure to follow these steps carefully!

Note: remember, this isn't just for beginners; older players can do this as well.

The Best Earning Arcane Legends Gold Daily Guide

1. Do the daily bard quest.
One of the most important things you can do every day: the bard quest.
Since the new update, you only have one quest, but it gives you 10 story markers. Accept the mission and complete it. Now you have 10 story tokens! This story token is very important, you can use it to buy Colton or Crawly.

In case you're going for the Beastmaster title (collected all 36 original pets) the other pets got with the story tokens will do you good too.

2. Do other daily tasks.
When you finish your minstrel, you can do some daily quests that are not too difficult to complete, do not take too much time, and give you a fair amount of gold.
Such as:
The Black Hearts Quest in Kraag
Kraken Mines: A Miner Problem.
In the Dragon's Jewel1: Monkey Ball and Visit Aegir Island
Karin at Tavern: Remembrance: Dash to the grave in Arcanum Grounds
Sigrun at Rook's Nest: Breathing Fire: Shoot the Four Cannons in Kraag

Complete all these and you'll have a good amount of Arcane Legends gold.

3. Run an Elite.
As part of your daily routine, you should make sure you run (and complete ) at least one elite run. I'd recommend you try Elite Seas or Jarl (if you get a party) since the Nordr ones will take too long if you don't have much time.

4. Completed the dailies

There're too mage dudes standing just at the entrance of the Forest of Shades. They'll give you too simple quests you can complete while grinding. Also, there's a smurf with a giant hammer near the spawn point in the City of Kelys.

Each of these dailies yield almost 1k each. 

5. Additional Tips:
Don't run Hauntlet. It's the sad truth, but its gonna take you way too long to complete the Hauntlet without the best party. 
Know the CS. Find out which items are in greatest demand or are at the highest/climbing prices. Farm for those.
Make sure to keep in touch with your gear. When you amass enough of gold, you can buy up cheap armor that will work for you until you reach the cap; then you can gold farm and get a lot of gold.
Switch pets out instead of feeding. If you keep switching pets out, you won't spend gold on pet feeding.
The Warrior's Maul of Ollerus (Arcane Hammer) can be found in Locked Grand Crates and Elite Golden War Chests. If you're feeling lucky, open em up! The Maul sells for an amazing amount of gold.
When you have a good amount of them you can dismiss one and summon another and use it until its sad, then replace with another.

If you think it takes you a lot of time to do this every day, one convenient way to do it is to come to our website and buy cheap and safe Arcane Legends Gold.