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Pro Tips for Winning Gun Fights and Getting More Kills in Apex Legends

2019-05-17 01:19:07

In a battle royale game like Apex Legends, your only goal is to get as many kills as you can in gun fights. So, if you are a guy who like to play aggressively, here Joymmo.com provides a useful guide for you, as well as Cheap Apex Legends Coins, if you are in need.

Choose Your Weapon Wisely

There is a wide variety of weapon for your option in Apex Legends and you need to to pick the right gun to get your opponents killed. To make sure that your sights are on target before firing, you have to know each weapon and their shooting range. Here we just explain some most often used guns.

Spitfire will take 8 bullets to kill a grey armor enemy with a mag of 35, so you just need 20% accuracy and can definitely hip fire up close.

Flatline will take 10 bullets with a 20 rounds mag, you'll need 50% accuracy. You want to ADS and land your bullets.

R-99 takes 13 bullets with a 18 rounds mag. You'll need 72% accuracy, with a gun with insane recoil and fire rate. If we are talking about a moving target, you will most likely need to reload: account for this beforehand and be ready to slide, hop around or get to cover, then you can spray the second mag to get the kill.

Mozambique takes 4 accurate shots with a 3 rounds mag. You'll need to reload. However, if you connect all shots and a nice 135 (or 120 if you miss only one pellet) pops up on the enemy, you can finish him with a 30 damage punch.

Improve Your Aim And Accuracy

You could also try aim practice, plenty cheep shooting range games on steam to help improve your accuracy and reaction time. Lower mouse sensitivity and use movement keys while aiming. This will get your aim under control and keep you from getting hit so much unless the other guy happens to have an aimbot. Aim is accurate even when jumping around. You may have to lead targets at a distance but mostly just aim where the guy is moving/jumping to and fire when you'll hit. Lots of people miss and have to reload so it's worth taking the time to aim.

Learn from Failure and Other Pro Players

Don’t be afraid of failures. Not everyone is a pro. If you have perfect aim and split second decision making so that you can follow a moving target and stop shooting the very second you get off target. I believe most players can’t. however, every time you play the game, don’t be frustrated on your failure. Instead, try recording some games and view them back later to find what your issues may be. Alternatively, you can watch some streamers on Youtube to see how they do this. I bet that when you match with other players in the game, there must be some pro players who have more experience than you. Then ask them and learn from them.

Master Combat Strategies

There are tons of combat strategies. The more you play the game, the more you’ll get to know by yourself. For example, if you need to reload disengage and lose their line of sight. Always keep a mindful eye on where they might go also but your best bet is to lose sight. I’ve seen some professional players crouch and waddle in fights to throw off their enemies, if that helps.

Also, if you get in straight trades with people (when you both shoot each other but stay relatively motionless) aim for the head and you will almost always win.

That’s the end of this guide. Hope it helps!