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Fallout 76 Guide - How to Use Vending Machine and Create Your Own Shop

2019-05-18 09:27:15

As part of the Wild Appalachia patch released on May 7 th, Fallout 76 introduced a new big feature: Player Vending. Players will be able to set up official vending machines and sell items in their CAMPs, which work just like any NPC vendor. So, how does the the new player vending system work? How to use it to create your own shop? Make sure to read on, so you can make some money out of the junk you find out in the world. 

How to Use The Vending Machine and Crate Your Own Shop?

To crate your own store, first head over to your C.A.M.P. Open up your crafting menu and you'll find the vending machine in its own tab. It costs very little steel and wood to craft it, so don't worry about that.

You can place up to four of these machines before you hit the limit, so the more the merrier if you've got lots of kit to sell. Once you've staffed it with items (30 items per machine) you can power it up and invite the rest of the server to come and peruse your wares.

When you power up your machine this opens up the ability for other players to teleport to it, who can also read what you're selling by hovering over your vending icon on the world map. Note that very sale you make, however, incurs 10 percent tax.

So, if you have a bussiness mind, it won't take you so lone to earn a decent amount of caps.

In addition, try to place your vending machine near a player hub with a free fast-travel point nearby, so that more people can see your shop and buy items there.

Other Fast Ways to Earn Caps Fast in Fallout 76

The new vending machine provides a new way to earn caps in Fallout 76. if you are in need of caps desperately, here are some other fast ways to get caps in Fallout 76.

1.Go to an area next to a vendor. Kill 20-30 enemies, collect their guns. Walk (encumbered if necessary) to vendor and sell all the guns for 200 caps.

2.Hunt super mutants. Most of them drop straight up caps, not a ton, but it adds up quick if you hunt them for exp.

3.You can find caps stashes in the world. There's a perception perk that has them emit directional audio and a luck perk that increases the amount you can find.

4.Clothes are good value per pound. Chems are worth a ton. You'll get a base of 1/10 of the item's value, so anytime you find junk worth 40-50 grab it.

5.Events are good for caps, leveling, and resources.

6.There is a perception perk that gives an audio cue when there is a cap stash nearby.  You can keep it equipped, because the extra bonus 30-100 caps adds up pretty quick.

7.If you don't have so much time to play Fallout 76, you can buy Cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps right from Joymmo.com, a professional online in-game currency store. 

That's the end of this guide. Hope it helps!