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Rangers of Oblivion Update Event Began On August 29

2019-09-03 01:53:42

Rangers of Oblivion recently published a brief article about recent server maintenance. In the article Rangers of Oblivion also explained that the Rangers of Oblivion Team is preparing a new large patch that will take more time to complete, so the update will last 3 weeks instead of 2.

Rangers of Oblivion Update Event Began On August 29

The Rangers of Oblivion Team also mentioned the upcoming event, which will begin Aug. 29.
The details are as follows:

1.Speed Hunt: Duration Aug 29 –Sept 18 23:59 GMT+8
2.Expedition: Duration Aug 29 – Sep 18 23:59 GMT+8
3.Divination: Duration Aug 29 – Sept 26 23:59 GMT+8
Templar (Costume Skin)
Knight King (Weapon Skin)
4.Costume Quest: rangers will get extra rewards by finishing the quests

Rare item: Eternal Flame, Specialization Chests
Summer Bundle: God's Return Pack, Wild Soul Bundle, Trainer's Bundle, Blessing Bundle, Gate of Destiny Bundle

Fix & Optimization:
1.Daily Quest: fix a bug that bounties can be done over 3 times per day.

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