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Star Trek Adventures Game Design Challenge

2019-09-04 02:24:16

Have you ever wanted to design your own Star Trek adventure, in the world of Star Trek Online? Star Trek now gives you this opportunity. They are working with Modiphius  to run the Design an Adventure Challenge, and you could win an Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook PDF from Star Trek Adventures, and a T6 Defiant on PC.

Star Trek Adventures Game Design Challenge

How to participate in the design of Star Trek?

You need to write up to four pages of adventure that can run in the Rules Set of Star Trek Adventure Modifies. The only requirement is that it happened in 2410, in the online age of Star Trek. When you have completed this design, please submit your entries by September 17. Star Trek's game designer staff reviews your entries and and choose five winners out of the bunch – and the crew of the U.S.S. Pathfinder will play the winning adventure in a future live stream.

Four pages is a short amount of time to get a full story in, so make sure your storytelling is as efficient as possible. You can submit the entries in any format, but you should really take a look at an STA book at your friendly local game store for some good ideas on how to proceed. When your submission is ready, send it to community@crypticstudios.com.