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07 March
A Player Seems To Have Found The Fallout 76 Secret Ending

Recently, a player claims to have discovers a Fallout 76 secret ending. To be sure, they're calling for help to "observe non-Prime fissure sites after they've been nuked”, as the ending would theoretic

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14 February
First Glitch of Fallout 76 After For Sale With Xbox One Console

Microsoft Xbox One famous FPS game series Fallout 76 recently for sale with Xbox One at around $350 on Xbox Store and Amazon. The bundle includes the Fallout 76 standard edition and Xbox One console with a pair of Xbox O

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25 January
Fallout 76 Survival PvP Mode Update for PS4 Pro & Xbox One X

Although the title of this Fallout 76 mentioned PS4 Pro and XB1 X, this guide can be also applied to other platforms and console models like PS4 Slim. Fallout 76 is the new sequel of Fallout 4, I've been farming in t

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