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A Complete Beginner Guide For Devilian

2019-04-19 01:23:47

Devilian is a free-to-play MMORPG where you can play as half-devil hero's protecting Nala from corruption and evil. Select from 5 classes and play with your friends as your slay all kinds of minions and bosses in epic landscapes. For those who just start out in the game, herein we Joymmo.com put together some useful tips for beginners to make it easier for you. 




Class picking. The first choice you're going to make in the game involves the character you're going to play. Read into what they do before picking – there's a good chance you've played an RPG before so you’re going to have a decent idea about which archetype does what. I would recommend you check out all the Devilian classes awakening videos and get the feel on how each and every class feels and looks like. The videos are short but adequately present all the classes, so make sure to check these out first.

As with currency, follow the regular quests and complete as many of them as possible, and chase after the achievements are main ways to earn gold and gems in the game. Personally, Infinite Hunting Grounds are a good spot to grind for XP and coins but you need to be able to outgear the content so that you can farm the objectives quickly 5 times. Abyssal Tower (both basic and challenge) should be run each day for the rewards (XP, Abyssal Essense, etc). Dungeons run using an Invasion Ticket (just farm the boss for drops). Also, instead of grinding, you can also come to Joymmo.com for Cheap Devilian Gold.

As with gear, gearing wise, I don't bother using the auction house for buying stuff until closer to level cap (I set myself a limit to not spend more than 10 gold per character total leading to level 52) to fill out some slots (primarily weapon and chest armor).?In the endgame content, get better gear. To get better gear as well as all the support materials needed for increasing resistances, artifacts, you can take part in end game activities such as non-Devilian PvP, guilds (and guild wars), open world boss fights, being able to run other challenge modes to attain their rewards, attaining wealth, etc. When enhancing gear, don’t waste time and gold with the common stuff. Look for those of green rarity or better, and enhance those items instead. Also, make sure everyone has the best possible gear by using the auto-equip feature, then use the leftover items for enhanced purposes.

Last, I would say go into a habit of cleaning your inventory. You have a limited number of inventory slots available, and keeping some of them free is fairly important. Nothing is more annoying than having a drop you want to grab and being unable to do so because of the full inventory message. Instead, make it a habit to clean your inventory regularly. Ideally, try to keep around 6 slots free. Once you get down to fewer than this, go ahead and clean it. This not only helps keep things cleaned and organized, but also makes it easier to see where the new items appear. On top of this, you get plenty of salvaged materials, so it’s a win-win! And if you keep up on top of this, it gets much easier over time, and you can ensure you’re always using the best items you have. If you have valuable items (rare or better), keep those or sell them on the auction house.



That's end of this article. Hopefully, you can get some inspirations here.