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A Season 12 Update Will Come to Rocket League next week

2019-08-23 09:32:58

Rocket League's Season 12 begins next week, on Tuesday, August 27. And it will bring some new contents & changes. Let's see the details.

After the Rocket Pass 3 has been dropped by a few weeks, the time has come very soon for new rewards. With the RL Season 12 update, the fourth Rocket Pass will start on August 28th. More info about Rocket Pass 4 will be revealed as we get closer to the day of the update. In addition, the Season 12 will add an all-new audio mix to the game, which can emphasize the game's more important sounds while temporarily lowering less important audio such as crowd and ambience to give players a clearer audio experience. RL Season 12 also announced new statistics "High Five" and "Low Five". Achieve a High Five by colliding with a teammate in midair after a goal is scored. A Low Five is performed the same way, but at ground level.

Mudcat is the new car, which is unlocked when you buy the premium Rocket Pass. It's inspired by rally cars, and there's a G1 version at tier 25, and a GXT version at tier 70, as seen in the trailer above. Personally, I wish it looked more like a Peugeot 205 or something. It doesn't even look much like the typical modern rally cars, now that I think of it, unless Ford Fiestas are significantly different than I remember. But I'm nitpicking.

Rocket Pass 4 will operate mostly similar to other Rocket Passes. Both the Free and Premium route are set to offer three new challenges each week. They'll help you climb the Tier Points chart and help you get throuhg the Rocket Pass's 70 Tiers. After that, Pro Tiers will grant Painted or Special Edition versions of various Rocket Pass 4 unlockables. And if you've got the new hotness, you can trade the old and busted, because all Rocket Pass 4 items are tradeable.

Just like in Rocket Pass 3, both the Free and Premium tracks will get three new challenges each week. Weekly Challenges help you climb your Tiers even faster with Tier Points. Each Weekly Challenge is worth three, five, or eight Tier Points. Rocket Pass 4 features 70 Tiers, but getting to Tier 70 is only the beginning. Pro Tiers grant Painted or Special Edition versions of select Rocket Pass 4 items, all of which are tradable.

Rocket Pass will go live at 10:00 a.m. PDT on August 28, and will run until December 4. The premium version can be unlocked with 10 keys. Meanwhile, there's a version that gives you a headstart in the progression. This version costs 20 keys.

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