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Albion Online Major Changes Coming In Guild Vs Guild Season 7

2019-07-24 06:05:39

Guilds who have been dominating the last couple of Albion Online Guild vs. Guild seasons will be hard-pressed to defend their crowns in Season 7 thanks to a number of updates designed to even out the playing field. Sandbox Interactive talks about the updates in a new dev video which you'll find below.

The Albion Online Guild and the Guild, which have dominated the last few seasons, will struggle to defend their crown in season 7, thanks to some updates aimed at leveling the playing field. Sandbox Interactive will discuss these updates in the next section of the new development video.

Smaller guilds and less competitive ones will find it easier to climb the rankings with the addition of guild challenges. These challenges include PvE activities that will reward guilds with more season points and other rewards. Castle outposts will also be added to give other guilds new locations and prizes to fight for. The new castle outposts will also force larger guilds to rethink their strategies in order to capture and defend multiple locations at once.