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Arena of Valor Guide: How to Counter Florentino - Hero Picks

2019-07-08 00:58:06

For many new players, Florentino is a difficult hero to defeat on Arena of Valor. Tanks to Redditer "u/GeniusAF", he shared with us on advice on contering Florentino in way of hero picks. 

Below are full guide:

Dealing with him requires 3 attributes: Mobility, burst, and control. The most important thing to do is to not die to him in lane. Gaining lane advantage allows him to snowball and join fights. Know his capability and limits (although they are very high). Here are some hero suggestions:

Riktor: Probably the best choice against him in ranked if he somehow isn't banned. That said, not much people know about the nightmare that Riktor still is. Although Riktor can only fight him when bushes are nearby, his full burst can take down a Florentino 1v1. With his hit and run tactic he can play carefully to escape Florentino's garden of doom. Use s2 to dodge Florentino's knock up or double stab to preserve health and escape.

Veres: Only out in certain servers but is still part of "the big three" (Florentino Veres Riktor). Her zoning playstyle can keep out of Florentino's reach if played correctly. But is less safe than Riktor and can die if caught out. Also she is one of the only heroes that bully Florentino at level 1 and can keep up with him after (Arum and Roxie fail to do the latter in lane). Her movement speed with cc immunity let her keep out of harm's way.

Marja: Arguably the safest choice against Florentino. Won't die to his combo unless her ult is baited out or she goes too deep and Florentino can follow. Can constantly harass and wear Florentino down at a distance where his s1 accuracy is at the minimum and he can't use minions to guarantee a flower drop near her. She can play heavy defensive to make sure she doesn't fall behind in gold or give kills. But her weakest moment is at levels 2 and 3 before she gets her ult. Her low tower damage also allow smart florentinos to leave to other lanes to tank while his tower stays untouched.

Airi: Not a strong pick but fares decently against him. Another hit and run hero than can safely dash out whenever she gets hit by s1. Her ult is a great panic button 1v1 as she can stun Florentino if she is the one dueled. Although she is forced to play defensive and might lose 10% gold to towers if she gets pressured too hard.

Ybneth: Another situational pick. He is the only tank I would recommend to use against Florentino. Despite the nerfs, he has this sweet combo of control and damage alongside with a long dash afterwards to defend against approaches. His ultimate is decently safe against florentino when there isn't absurd amounts of damage. The stun and slow will make him think twice about staying inside. Early game it can still outheal Florentino's damage. Make sure to fight when there are minions around and target ult near yourself when Florentino does his combo. Also Ybneth is near useless in fights if he isn't dueled.

Florentino: if you somehow end up in a ditto in casual, the one with better skill wins. Good luck.

Arum: The top support pick against florentino during fights. Snare has priority over cc immunity and can still control him. Although it will be hard to get through that 50% damage reduction unless your carry is dueled.

Mina: Her ult also controls Florentino even when he uses ult. Although this is less reliable as s2 won't work and the ult can miss because of florentino's mobility.

Carries that work decently when there are enemy Florentino's are the ones with range, including: Tel, Valhein, Lindis, Sephera, and Liliana. Burst assassins like Murad, Nakroth, and Quillen can also kill him before he reacts and safely retreat.

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