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Beginner Tips, Cheats and Strategies for FallForest Map on LifeAfter

2019-07-15 08:57:03

LifeAfter is a brand new survival game where you survive the death dealing advances of Infecteds, interact with fellow (or untrustworthy) survivors, and scavenge the tools you need in order to keep going in a horrifying world where civilization has fallen apart due to a viral outbreak infecting and mutating humanity. 


- Do not eat berries or rapeseed cuz they won’t satisfy hunger a lot. Whenever you have 4 or multiples of 4, go to a cabin and cook them, the hunger they satisfy is a lot more when cooked. Also, rapeseed is kinda hard to find and it’s the only veggie you can get at FallForest. So if you want to cook dishes that include veggies, then use those.

- NPC called Bracken sometimes spawns at the side of the cabins and gives you a quest to cook stuff for him, so you could keep in the map storage service some meat pieces, rapeseed and mushrooms in case he gives you that quest you can do it quickly. Or you can mail them home (in case you want to make advanced recipes at home) and take with you 4 of each whenever you visit FallForest.

- Always look in the map for Hemp plants, sometimes it will lead you to a hemp vine covering a cave entrance. These caves have one or two chests that may or may not have good stuff in them. Chests and boxes are always a gamble.

- Always go near the helicopter area and look for chests inside or around the tent. They may contain engine oil or drill bits or fertilizer you can use to mine at your own manor without worrying about mailing limits. If there aren’t any chest it’s because someone else got there first.

- The zombies and wolfs at FallForest are easy to take down without getting hurt. The backpackers will always try to jump on you or knock you down. So call their attention and then run backwards or sideways until they waste their main moves and then use machete or rifle to finish them.

- If you ever tried to participate in the gathering competitions (quarrying operation/the best logger/little hemp master) and didn’t win anything is because higher lv people can make lv 3 axes and pick axes and they up their skill trees to get more resources each time they gather. The probably also eat a honey croissant to up logging crit, or grilled tilapia/eggtart/noodles to up mining crit, or milk pudding to up hemp picking crit. Also at Gathering lvl20+ you can up a skill to get 5 hemp plants each gather rather than 3.

- If your current map is full of people gathering the stuff you want and you want to have access to more resources, open the map and look at the top right corner, sometimes it will let you switch lines, you stay in the same server and the same map but another dimension of that map that may have less people and more resources free to take, might be good for gathering competitions.

- If you are living in Hope 101 development area and want to shut down the annoying speakers, wait til you get your first UZI to go do it, but keep in mind it won’t change anything. The annoying lonely zombie that comes at you sometimes will keep coming and the zombies will still re-spawn there and you won't even get any special items or achievements. It’s just shuts up the speaker message saying it woke something up.

- When using Mondragon Rifle or Machete, if you run out of durability it’s better to just delete it and make a new one than pay for repairing them. You can use those new dollars for better things and the resources needed for making new ones are so easy to get. But when you start getting higher dmg guns, like mini UZI and up, you might want to invest in repairing them unless you’re really good at gathering and have tons of resources and worktables piled up.

- A lot of people say that you should take infected blood because you can sell it for new dollars. I disagree. Infected blood is a green item, so transporting them to your base is limited per day. I’d say rather use the green item quota for bones and twigs since those are more important for building or upgrading your manor and making workables. And you can get new dollars easily by other means.

- Also, go to Doomeris’ (mayor of Synesys camp, the best in SandCastle server) youtube channel to get advanced tips and tricks for pretty much every aspect of this game.

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