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Best Landing Locations for Both Sole and Duo Play on Fortnite Season 9 Map

2019-05-28 09:09:06

Just a few days ago, I see some Fortnite players asking what's a good drop for solo Arena in 270+ Lobbies on Fortnite Season 9 map. A good landing spot with good Loot, not heavily contested and having good rotations out of it. How about a good duo spot? In this article, I will share with you some information based on my own Fortnite experience. 

From my own experience, usually play duo arena. and I find myself landing at the island that spawns a chest at loot lake. And my duo drops at modern. I found this works best because your both usually going to get a weapon, and you get some mats from the trees near his house and on the small island there is some. In addition, there's a small shack that can spawn a chest, and a vending machine, as well as ground loot outside. After that, we will rotate to the helicopter on the outside of loot, and wait out some of the fighting in the middle while getting our mats up,then decide if we should push or wait for the team to leave. Usually push but sometimes teams just go to factories and leave some decent loot for start game. We then try to rotate to the pirate camp near there, and go to the rock pit near loot. allowing us to usually get full wood and 300/400 brick each. We will at this point be set up, just want to get some kills. and the pirate camps have action a good amount of time. I suggest you try this out. And if you go into the center of loot, and win the fight, you can go factories and go up to tilted, or go back to the helicopter and pirate camp. I find you will get nobody at the start other than the teams that go center (1/2. usually 2) and they will be weak 9/10 times. vents are near by, and there is usually good loot due to there being 6-8 chests.In addition to loot, you can also unlock good weapons with Cheap Fortnite Top Up V-Bucks at Joymmo.com.

Also another spot, I’d like to what to call it(I call it hippie due to the water being many colors.) but above lazy, there is a patch of small water areas that I guess you could call ponds. it seems like a bad spot, but is almost never contested, and there is a good chance you get a chest in the small building. there are plenty of zip lines that can take you to other small buildings for you to get back, and then when your done, you can come back and take a volcano vent out. It also has chest by the clump of dead trees. I find it good cause the ziplines transport you to so many small buildings. Almost every time I go I get 100/100 spare meds, and full wood and brick, and decent loot.

Last, Haunted is also literally unbeatable, never contested in solo or duo, somewhere around 10 chests and plenty of floor loot, easy max brick, trees around it for max wood, max metal with the iron gates, and 2 houses nearby for additional loot and quads. These two places have 2 vending machines as well and near the houses is a pirate camp (next to pleasnat) with another vending machine, more loot, cannons and ballers. Don't tell anyone else. That's the end of this guide. Hope it helps!