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Best Ways to Earn Kamas in Dofus

2019-05-07 01:19:57

Kamas are the in-game currency in Dofus, with which players can improvement their equipment and upgrade their characters. There's a plethora of ways to actually make kamas in this game. Anything you do generally grants you some pocket change, and disposing of things you don't need can net you some more. Here Joymmo.com has listed some effective ways to earn kamas below

Kamas Farming

Farm hard treasure hunts so you make base money. ( with a level 160+ char you can easily make 100.000 kamas per hour, and sometimes you get 2000++ rose, that really helps )

Level profession, tailor, shoemaker, jeweller. ( Always check the prices of items you craft, and try to make items that sell for more than the materials used to craft them. If you price them 5-10k kamas higher then the price of materials usually sells under 1 day )

Break some items into runes. ( This is complicated, you have to find out how much an item's stats worth and count with the break chance, and sell the runes. Here’s an example. Let’s say that item X has 10-30 vit and 1 mp, it costs K (5000 Kamas to make from resources) , the average of this item is 20 vit 1 mp, so 4 vit rune, 1 mp rune. When you break this item, it has an Y break chance, lets say Y is 20%, this means that you have 20% chance of getting runes out of X item. So if you break 5 X item then you will most likely get 4 vit and 1 mp rune. The average price of this is P ( depends on your server but on mono this is around 13-14k kamas ), if your 5 X item's price is less then this P then it is worth to mass produce and break item into runes. If not, then not. )

Fighting Dopples for Maho pebbles will also make for some extra buck. Note: do Dopples before you indulge in other activities so that way you don’t decide you don’t want to do them later if you know what I mean.

Do dungeons, achievements ( if you have a heavy hitter, high level friend then this can be really rewarding )and get mats. Then you can either sell mats directly or craft them into stuff to sell)

Buy pet ghosts, then run the pet dungeon to resurrect them. With many pet ghosts that have stats you can get them for less than 100,000 kamas but when resurrected they are worth 1 million or 2 million kamas.

Or just buy level one pets, and level them up. This takes a long time but if you do say 20 pets at once then once they are all leveled you end up with a lot of valuable pets at the same time. This is best done with bworkies, snofoux, minifoux, and nomoon, as pods, wisdom, and prospecting are all really popular pet stats with no good alternatives from mounts. Be sure to use an improvement potion on them if you want to maximize value. Sometimes an improved pet with just a few more stats can sell for 1 million kamas more.

Do quests. There are a lot of quests, and it is pretty difficult. However the higher the effort involved the higher the payout. 

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