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New Game Modes Are on The Way for Apex Legends

2019-05-07 09:24:12

Currently, there is only one single game mode available in Apex Legends, but this isn't expected to be the case for long, as Respawn will be keen to keep the game fresh, and players are asking for more ways to play. And it seems that players won’t wait for long, as recently Respawn has confirmed that new game modes are on the way for Apex Legends. At the moments, what new modes will be added to the game is still unknown.

Apex confirms new game modes

During a question and answer session on the official Apex Legends subreddit,a Respawn Community manager addressed several key concerns and issues players have raised in the months since release, including cheating, performance issues and, of course, a lack of content updates.?

One Reddit user asked whether Respawn would take their feedback on board and implement new modes into the game. A member of the community management team responded with: “The short answer is: yes. That’s all I can say!”

The answer leaves the door wide open for interpretation, especially as the original question mentions not just solos and duos, but skill-based matchmaking modes and private matches, too. Still, it’s reassuring to know that the progress is being made.

What new modes will be added to Apex Legends?

So far, the community manager gave no hints as to what modes will be added and when the new game mode will be available, but it looks like that Respawn will add new playlists that will allow you to play with any squad size like most other games such as solos, duos and squads.

Apex legends survival mode

an Apex Legends Survival mode is already lying dormant in the game’s code, with a variety of new features held within, including the facility for spectators, cheering, and emotes. Survival mode takes place in front of some kind of audience filled with NPCs who will react based on your performance. There are indications that you’ll be fighting against NPC bots. There will be 8 different options to choose from as a host NPC. 

Apex Legends Recruit Mode

Early in February, it was leaked that a new game mode named Recruit Mode will be added to Apex Legends. At the time of writing, the mode is now will available. However, we can make a few educated guesses thanks to RealApexLeaks data mining efforts.

Recruit mode is a 20 v 20 game mode. With three teams facing off against each other at any time maximum. In addition, Recruit mode is a solo playlist. Yes, you will be in a team of 20 players, but it won’t work quite the same as it does when you’re paired with two other players.

The biggest feature of Recruit Mode, is that it seems as though you will be able to recruit downed players from other teams. It appears as though if you down an enemy and revive them within 30 seconds that they will be added (recruited) to your team and fight alongside you. The last team standing will supposedly win the match.

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