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Blade & Soul: Empyrean Shadows Update Preview

2019-06-22 07:40:07

Blade & Soul: Empyrean Shadows was updated on June 19. From the official website update list, you will notice that some changes have been added to the game.
This update allow players to work with new owners at Empyrean Castle to thwart Mushin's evil plan in Act 10 of the Game Epic.

Content-wise, players will see the third class specializations for both the Blade Master and the Kung Fu Master as well as "the deadly Warped Citadel". Blade Master's third specialization provides players an opportunity to select a stance and be able to transform into one of three wolf forms or use a "mighty gauntlet of iron". Blade Master's third specialization will let you "hone the power of the Divine Realm to sharpen your blades".

Players will begin earning rewards with the newly added Fishing System. Now, grab some bait and plan a trip with your guild-mates to the nearest fishing grounds to see what you can catch.

"The Empyrean Citadel has been corrupted by the Dark Chi of the former Prince Sobu. Bearing an immutable grudge and seeking judgment against those who wronged him, the Citadel has been turned into nightmarish realm of necromancy where the dead have risen, and the ghosts of the past seek salvation. Can you stop the cursed prince before his evil spreads?"

Blade & Soul: Empyrean Shadows Update Preview

The following content is extracted from the official website, please visit Blade & Soul's official website if you need to know more about it.

Blade Master and Kung Fu Master Third Class Specialization
The third class specialization will be available for the Blade Master and Kung Fu Master. Embrace the Way of the Spectral Blade or Way of the Iron Claw!

Items & Systems Preview
Get the lowdown of the items and system changes coming to this update. We’re modifying the hours to Arena/Battlegrounds to keep it competitive. We’re also reduced the cost of upgrading certain weapons and Soul along with introducing new tier of Soul and legendary Belts.

An Introduction to Fishing
Fishing is being added to the game. For every fish you catch, you’ll be rewarded with Anger’s Pearls that you can spend on various rewards. Don’t tire yourself out though because you can only fish for so long!

Fortune’s Bounty Event
Now that you’re on your way to becoming a master angler, collect Fortune Fish in our new event. Fortune Fish and along with Angler’s Pearls can be exchange for event rewards including Fish Oil that can be used as a discounted offering item in upgrading your weapon.

Tropical Treasure Trove
This summer is heating up and so is the Tropical Treasure Trove. This Trove is packed full of handy items and new cosmetics, plus Lightstealer’s items will be available for the first time, and we’re debuting the new Pop Art and Dragon Knight outfits!

If you run into any issues with this update, be sure to check the Known Issues thread on the forums for things we’re already working on. If that doesn’t help, please contact our customer support team for further assistance.

Blade & Soul: Empyrean is NOW LIVE! Log in now to continue Act 10 epic saga and more!