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Check Out Blade and Soul Empyrian Shadows Update

2019-06-05 01:30:24

Blade and Soul next update, Empyrian Shadows Update is set to come on June 19 th, and it is a big one. Along with the update, comes a new Act:10 story, two new class specializations and a newly added Fishing System. Keep on reading for further details on these new changes.

New Story: Act 10: The Gathering Dark 

The biggest highlight of Empyrian Shadows Update is the addition of Act 10 of Blade & Soul's story. The Gathering Dark takes you into the Empyrian Citadel, where you'll meet familiar faces ready to help you as you fight old foes. Mushin must be stopped, but it won't be an easy task.

Here’s the official description from the special teaser page at Blade and Soul official website:

Act 10: The Gathering Dark: To understand the future, you must first experience the past. Continue your journey to the Empyrean Citadel, meeting new allies and facing familiar foes. As Mushin's power grows, the time is near to determine if a reawakened power is the key to stopping him.”

Two New Class Specializations

Along with the new story, two new class specialization will also be added to the game. They are Kung Fu Master 3rd Class Specialization and Blade Master 3rd Class Specialization. The Kung Fu Master 3rd Class Specialization provides players an opportunity to select a stance and be able to transform into one of three wolf forms or use a “mighty gauntlet of iron”, while the Blade Master’s third Specialization allows them to "hone the power of the Divine Realm" to make their attacks more powerful and meaningful. Here’s the official description:

Way of the Iron Claw

Select a stance and tear through your opponents as you transform into one of three ferocious wolf forms or beat them into submission with a mighty gauntlet of iron.

Way of the Spectral Blade

Hone the power of the Divine Realm to sharpen your blades and guide your strikes against unsuspecting adversaries.

New Fishing System

Last, players will begin earning rewards with the newly added Fishing System with Update Empyrian Shadows. You can earn rewards by fishing in Blade & Soul and there's even a ranking system in case you want to see who caught the bigger ones. Now there's something to brag about, right?

Gear Up For Fishing

Grab your bait and tackle and head to the nearest fishing ground to sit back and see what you can catch - it's time to start fishing in Blade & Soul! Earn rewards, keep track of your fishing exploits, and make your mark in the rankings to see whose fishing prowess reigns supreme.

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