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Blade and Soul Gold Guide - How to Make Gold Fast and Easy

2019-05-09 01:13:04

Lots of players complain bankruptcy in Blade and Soul and Blade and Soul is a hard game to grind for gold. Therefore, Joymmo.com presents you this quick how to make gold guide, which contains some fast and easy ways to earn gold. So, be sure to read on. If you don't have 

Playing at high tier dungeons and grinding for the legendary loots. Honestly if you have sufficient equipment and time to go play on those high tier dungeons, find a party with players with adequate equipment. I found that people with poor equip won't be able to playing the bidding game, so people with mid-high equip without that dungeon's legendary loot item will try to win the bid by paying extra. So grind for it. This method worked relatively well with me. I dunno if i was lucky but I could get some decent money time to time.

Crafting and planning on patch day is one of the best way to generate gold. This is where you guess and invest into something that might go up. Generally almost all crafting stuff will go up during patch day. For every other day you craft for minimal profits to put other crafters out of business.

For example, we all knew that everyone will get a lvl 60 voucher. What does a new toon need? I banked windwalk quest items (at one point, the antlers went to as high as 40g), emp stones (they are still high on NA), hammers and primers (they didn’t spike because lvl 60 voucher gave free purple primers).

Alternatively you can expand your dailies horizontally rather than vertically, and increase amount of toons you do quests on at same time. Best of luck to your CPU. For example duo BT with 6 toons each yields 300-450g per head in just under 25mins.

6v6. This probably gives the best money if you have top tier equipment. Clan 6v6 is still a huge amount of moonstones per night even if you consistently lose. If you're matched against better geared people, just let them 3cap to end the game quickly and do some damage so you still get some bp. Fast losses can be better than slow wins. Eventually you'll get to an Elo where the matches are usually fair.

Short term buying and selling from market by reading the updates. Since NCSoft usually has big updates every 6 months, and when you play long enough you'll know if NCSoft is trying to make a new class or new equips or new dungeons. If they're making a new class, buy stuff that people need such as items for Old Man Cho and roulette stones. Also go to low spec dungeons at this point since whale players will fetch high prices for character bound items that are required to upgrade equips. When they open up a big raid dungeons, buy up on stuff like fusion powder, since big raid dungeons will mean new soul shield so players need fusion power to fuse the soul shield primers.

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