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Advanced Turing Tips for Forza Horizon 4 Beginners

2019-05-09 09:15:58

Forza Horizon 4 is a gorgeous racing game. Many players can't fall in love with it once they get a try at the game. However, many beginners complain they often lose controls and struggle with turning. Below, Joymmo.com provides some strategies to improve your turning and driving in Forza Horizon 4. Also, if you are in need of Cheap Forza Horizon Credits, you can visit Joymmo.com as well.

Forza Horizon 4

Generally, if you soften one end of the suspension (front/rear), that end will have more grip. So if you over shoot corners because the car wont turn enough(understeer), just soften the front springs and roll bars a bit and test again. If the rear end slides, soften the rear. The rear end is more complex tho, there's a difference between oversteering and power sliding. If the rear end slides because you apply power to quickly on corner exit, softening the rear won't do much. Reducing the rear differential acceleration setting may help a bit, as well as lowering the rear suspension only, but in the end if you are applying 700hp to the ground without managing your throttle, tires will spin. If the sliding only happens at higher speeds, the issue isn't likely the suspension but downforce. If you tune the suspension you'll fuck up your fine handling at lower speed to improve high speed. Just add downforce to the sliding end.

All wheel drive cars come with pros and cons. Cons is that they are heavier, and more prone to understeer which isn't usually a desirable trait in racing. AWD cars can be tuned to be more neutral handling tho. In real life the heavier drive train eats more power too. If an engine produces 300hp, in a RWD configuration there will be about ~270 going to the ground(~10% loss). AWD cars have about a 25% loss. So your power to the wheels will be around 225hp. So for the same car/engine you are heavier, and less powerful, but have more grip. Every manufacturer advertise power to the engine crank without considering power losses. This is also why reducing the weight of everything related to the drive train is super important in real life. Because less weight on the drivetrain equals less power loss, so more power to the ground. I'm not sure Forza simulates power losses tho. We can still reduce some drivetrain weight with driveshafts, flywheel and wheel upgrades. It helps with throttle response because there's less inertia, but I'm not sure again that it help with the power to the ground.

The pros of AWD are that you generally have more grip on corner exit and take off. Which is a huge advantage in Horizon since we are often in low grip situations. It also helps with slide recovery as the front wheels will normally pull the rest of the car in the direction they are pointing. Adding more caster to the tune(steering angle, Google it) will also help make the car more predictable and easy to recover, but it will reduce its general agility, its ability to change direction quickly, but it wont reduces its grip. So the car will take a bit more effort to point into a corner but once into it, it will hold the road just as well.

Tuning is a fine art, so change a setting at a time, of just a few points and test the car. You can tune anywhere in free roam by pausing and going to the car tab. So it's easy to do it on the fly and see the effects. Some effects will only be obvious in some situations (like aero at high speed), so don't discard your changes because you don't see the effects after 2 corners.