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Pro Driving &Racing Tips for Becoming A Better Driver in Forza Horizon 4

2019-05-15 09:20:45

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the most popular racing games over the world. Players can test their driving skills and explore brilliant Brallian world under different weather conditions in all 4 seasons. To help you become a better diver, below Joymmo.com has listed some pro driving and racing tips for those starters.

First and foremost, at least turn off traction control and stability. You can leave automatic transmission on for now, but I highly recommend taking it off.

Having TCS and STM on actually hinders your ability to get a good launch off the line, since those assists are designed to limit the amount of horsepower the car puts out in order to stop the wheels from spinning. By taking these assists off, the full potential of the car is unleashed, but, depending on how much horsepower you have (and if it's rear-wheel drive) you can't just mash the gas at the start, otherwise you'll just spin the tires for days and won't go anywhere very quickly.

One thing you can do is just throw yourself in the deep-end. Turn off TCS and STM, get a rear-wheel drive car with a lot of power (at least 700HP will do), and just see if you can drive it without spinning out. You'll get a feel for how much throttle you can apply coming out of corners. One time I did a championship in blizzard mountain using a rear-wheel drive car with about 800HP and race tires. That helped me get better at throttle control.

Run laps consistently. Good or bad, if one lap you run at 1:30:00, then the next you're hitting 1:45:00, then you're doing something very wrong. Especially if you have no reason for it (wrecking, going off the track, etc). Get to where you're driving within about 2 seconds difference between your laps.

run a consistent line. This goes hand in hand with the first suggestion. I'm sure you probably are running a usual line, but for anyone else reading this, it's important to stay consistent and adjust your line after you know how fast you're already running. You make a benchmark and then push past it once it's solid.

Learning from other by watching others. Hop over to the leaderboards, pick a class and track, and watch the best times replays. Half the time these people are wickedly insane with how they get around the track (case in point, the rivals Time Trials on Maple Valley. He power slides around two corners right next to a wall, full speed). Still, for the parts that aren't insane, they do show some magnificent spots where they nail the apex, or perhaps not. Or they brake hard and early, taking it wide, only to cut in late, or not. If you know what to look for, you can get a lot of information about their setup as well. 

At the same time, try to compete with someone near your level. You'll see where they're better than you, so you'll know what to focus on learning. This is why I think the rivals feature is such a great new feature. And if you need better cars to increase your winning rate, Cheap Forza Horizon 4 Credits are on hot sale at Joymmo.com.

Don't worry about tunes, focus on your technique. Vision and perception are key, as well as your finesse with the controls. Don't be scared of turning off assists. When turning off abs and traction control, remember that being smooth on the triggers(or pedals) is extremely important. If you are having issues transitioning from TCS or ABS, keep it on and just practice smoothly braking or accelerating, until it feels natural, then switch. Being smooth will really help your lap times, so this is very important.Try to get familiar with tracks: you need reference points that help you locate your brake point, apex, and exit trajectory for every corner. You should always be looking ahead for the next point.

That's all I wanna say to new beginners. For more news and guides on Forza Horizon 4, stay tuned to Joymmo.com.

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