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How to Best Use Each Craft Essence and How to Equip Craft Essence in Fate/Grand Order

2019-05-16 01:04:45

Craft Essences are very important in Fate/Grand Order, as they can enhance the servant’s combat skills and survivability in combat. Each craft essence features different positive effects and negative limitations. Therefore,player need come planing and strategy along with matching with the particular servant to best use a craft essence. So, how should you best use each craft essence? And how to equip craft essence? here Joymmo.com will tell you all of these. And if you are in need of Cheap Fate/Grand Order Saint Quartz, you can also visit our website.

Which is The Best Craft Essence to Use?

Defense Cards: Defensive CE can be best used for damage, except when you want Steel Training for your Zerk. In fact, all those Yorokobe Shounens could save your Vlad from a 1-hit KO. Stick it on a Zerk when you're slightly under leveled.

Debuff Resistance Cards:Your first instinct when you see Shinji or that one magus is going to be to burn it. Do not hesitate so that you avoid permanent retinal damage. Seriously, there aren't enough debuffs in this game to be game-breaking and not many enemies try to debuff you in the first place, so the CE spot is better used elsewhere.

Arts Cards:These Arts CE are useful as hell when using an Arts-based party such as Emiya/Medea/Ushiwa. You can deal a staggering amount of damage with your Arts chain while just building towards your NP, and if your entire party has these equipped, it'll probably do more damage than constant Buster chains, taking NP into account. These are better used on the Servants with higher Atk or good Territory Creation though, so don't stick them on Andersen and complain about bad damage. 

Quick Cards: Use them on Riders to make better use of their Riding Skills and do more damage.
Buster Cards: Stick them on Berserkers. As long as they're not Berserkers that rely heavily on their non-buster NP (Vlad), you can't go wrong with sticking these on a Zerk.

Critical Damage Cards: Those cards are useful on Archers with Focus, such as Gilgamesh and Atalanta, since they can already draw in stars on the turns that matter. No matter which way you slice it, an Archer's role is to do damage with crits, and these make your Archer hit like Mike Tyson, especially with how much damage crits do.
Critical Star Cards: These will be used when your Servant doesn't have the Riding skill and is used only to generate stars...such as on Hassan. These will make sure that your Assassin, who already has Presence Concealment, generates a star on each hit (probably), so that your Archer can suck them all up on the next turn and wipe everything out.
Sealing Designation/Enforcer: This card's really good. You could stick it on Robin Hood or EMIYA, and they'll actually be using their Independent Action skills instead of just twiddling their thumbs giving away all their stars to the next Rider like an old fruit vendor being ripped off by kids.  

Starting NP Cards: These are best used when the Servant you own has a game-breaking NP, like Heracles' Nine Lives or maybe to help your Lancelot actually get his NP (which is absurdly useful with Archers and his second tier skill) by the time the boss comes around. You can also use it either when the Servant has High Speed Incantation or a high-rank Vampirism, so that you can get your NP off the first turn.
NP Acquisition Cards: Feel free to use these on a Caster if you just can't wait to get his NP off.  

Prisma Cosmos: You can use this instead of Kaleidoscope if you don't have one and want that particular Servant to have his NP ready by the time the boss comes up. You'll have to stall for a while though, and most likely won't get a second chance after your first NP anyway, so I'm still not sure where this would fit into party comps.
NP Damage Cards: These make your Truck NP hit like Cement Trucks. If you use them on Attila or Saber Alter, you'll kill even the Fuyuki Heracles in one lucky buster brave chain. Use if the bosses are difficult and you're confident that you have enough Arts cards to chain through to 100% before the boss actually comes up, or this card will be useless.

How to Equip Craft Essence?

1.Access the party interface.
2.Click the space between the servant and its stats.
3.Choose which Craft Essence to equip.
4.Once you place a Craft Essence on that slot, it will remain even with a change of Servant.

Also, take note, the higher the craft essence – the higher the cost. This includes if the rarity increases.