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How to Reroll or Reset Marathon in Fate/Grand Order Online

2019-04-25 01:20:46

Now, what happens if you don't get a hero you like? Simple, you run a Reset Marathon. A Reroll / Reset Marathon is where you completely restart the game (by uninstalling and then installing the Fate Grand Order app again) to roll better heroes. As this game functions on Gacha system, sometimes the RNG may not be in your favour. Hence, the need for a Reset Marathon. If you’re looking for an easy way to run Reset Marathon, look no further than here. Now, let’s see how to reroll fast.


Fate/Grand Order Setup

1.Install Fate/Grand Order app. Make sure this is a clean install.
2.Launch the app and let the app download the initial game data
3.When you get to the launch screen (blue with the F/GO logo), close the app without continuing (if you continue, an account will be created and you will need to clear the app data or uninstall and redownload FGO again)
4.Launch Helium Android app
5.Select the F/GO app, make sure "App Data Only" is checked, and tap "Backup"
6.Select "Internal Storage" as your backup destination. I'm not sure if external SD card also works (since my phone doesn't have one) but it should in theory.
7.A data encryption confirmation dialog may briefly pop up. Make sure to tap the right confirm button before it gets auto-dismissed. If you don't, I think the backup will still go through, it just won't be encrypted, which you don't want anyway.

Fate/ Grand Order Rerolling

1.Launch F/GO. You should go to the launch screen after the server connect
2.Tap the launch screen to start the account creation
3.Go through initial story and tutorial until you get to your tutorial 10-roll (with a guaranteed 4*)
4.After the tutorial 10-roll, clear 2 more story quests until you have access to your Mailbox
5.Pick up your free 42 quartz (thanks to the Facebook NA launch event)
6.Do a normal 10-roll and pray to RNGesus
Flip tables because RNGesus gave you crappy rolls. Yorokobe shounen.
7.Close F/GO and launch the Helium app
8.Switch to the "Restore and Sync" tab and select "Internal Storage" (or wherever you selected earlier as your backup destination)
9.Select F/GO and tap "Restore"
10.Wait until 5 minutes for the backup to restore. You may also get a similar encryption prompt like earlier, which will also auto-dismiss if you don't interact with it.
11.Once the backup finishes restoring, launch F/GO again.

Hopefully if you did everything right, you will be able to skip the initial game data download and go straight to starting up (yet another) new account (and later cursing Kotomine Kirei again)

Note: If you restarted your phone since you last connected it to the computer, you will need to reconnect it and run the Helium Android app + desktop app again. 

And that's all! Hopefully you will get it working for your setup and save yourself a LOT of time rerolling (if Aniplex potato servers don't go down for Unlimited Maintenance Works of course). And remember, while rolling for your waifu. If you are in demand of Cheap Fate/Grand Order Saint Quartz, Joymmo.com should always be your first choice.