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Elder Scrolls Online: How to Summon A Mount

2019-04-25 09:26:24

Mounts are one of the best ways to travel through both Tamriel, the main game world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), and Cyrodiil, the player versus player (PVP) zone for ESO. So, how to get a mount in Elder Scrolls Online

Mount Guide

By default, players do not own a mount, so to gain one, players must earn enough crowns or gold coins to purchase one. Most special mounts are sold for crowns. However, rarely there are ways to get them outside the crown store. For example, the Skyrim special edition on consoles had a code for a free horse in eso...if you own that it might have a code for you. If you need Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold to unlock a mount, Joymmo.com should be your first choice.

There’s only one way to get crowns. You can only get them through purchasing crown packs from the Xbox Game Store, the PlayStation store and from the Elder Scrolls Online website for PC/Mac users. 

Additionally, earning gold can be a difficult challenge in Elder Scrolls Online. You can earn gold by loot. Everything you loot from mobs can be sold to vendors for gold. Sometimes mobs can drop rare weapons and armor that can sell for a few hundred gold. Alternatively, you can find resource nodes for mining, fishing, armor crafting, blacksmithing, and more. Then sell them to vendors for money.

All stables in the game offer the same four horses. There are many more mounts though, mostly sold in the Crown Store (i.e. for real-life money). Some were given to beta testers or long-time players as rewards. Mounts can't be "colored", they always have the coloration you see when you buy them.

When you get your first horse, because before leveling it up, it gallops more slowly than a stamina player can sprint. 

You can train one of three horse skills, speed, carry capacity (increases the player's inventory limit) and stamina (prevents you from being thrown off the horse then hit) once per day. So it takes a long time before the horse is really fast.

I'd recommend, for those phases when you need to travel a lot, to get yourself five pieces of the "Darkstride" set, with the "well-fitted" trait, and enchant it with all max stamina, and get the medium armor sprinting passives. Then get the skill Rapid Maneuver from Cyrodiil (you get that for completing the introduction quest, without the need to do actual PvP) which gives you Major Expedition. Additionally and optionally something that gives Minor Expedition (Hurricane if stamsorc, or the "Jailbreaker" set from Banished Cells).

All that together greatly increases your sprinting speed, and lets you sprint (by popping stamina potions as required) for more than a minute without running out of stamina.