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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 22 Adds Artifact Weapons to The Game

2019-05-30 01:27:00

Update 22 has now arrived in The Elder Scrolls: Online, and with it comes new things like an advanced in-game Guild Finder, balance adjustments and a brand new artifact weapon system for the Alliance War content in Cyrodiil. Here Joymmo.com will explain how new artifact weapons work in Elder Scrolls Online.

How Artifact Weapons Work in the Latest Elder Scrolls: Online Update

According to Brian Wheeler, ESO’s Combat Lead, the addition of Artifact Weapons is meant to shake up the Alliance War;“Chaos!”?he says;“We wanted to add chaos beyond what is already available in Cyrodiil. At this point in the game, a lot of the Alliance War’s play patterns are fairly well ingrained. There isn’t really a mobile element that exists beyond capturing Elder Scrolls, and so we wanted another way to get more people moving around.”

The artifact weapons appear somewhere in Cyrodiil during a campaign and it's up to players to find them once they've arrived. They can appear almost anywhere on the map and everyone is notified when they arrive in the world. If you grab it then you get imbued with a ton of power and brand new abilities.

Presently that Update 22 is live, Volendrung will show up in irregular areas somewhere in the range of four and multiple times every day. It can spawn anywhere in Cyrodiil, and will alert players when it appears, though players will have to find it for themselves.In the event that you get Volendrung, the Hammer of Might will give you some immensely incredible capacities.?“It’s OP,”?explains Wheeler;?“This’ll kill an Emperor. If you’re not paying attention and come across somebody with Volendrung, you’re going to kick the bucket. Obviously, while it’s deadly to players, it’s actual intention is to be a destroyer of keeps. It will majorly affect the condition of your battle in how rapidly and easily it tears down dividers.”

The weapon allows its wielder to take on entire groups of enemies and destroy keeps all on their own, so it's a real game changer. However, this power isn’t without a cost. You must keep feeding Volendrung with Alliance Points by murdering rivals, decimating strongholds, and catching regions. 

If you don’t keep it fed, its meter will empty and you will immediately die, dropping Volendrung wherever you are.To be sure, this can be particularly dangerous in the event that you drop it in foe domain; in the event that you drop the sledge inside 30 minutes of lifting it up, any other individual can guarantee it!

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