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Elder Scrolls Online Update 22 Introduces New Guild Tools

2019-06-21 01:30:31

The latest Elder Scrolls Online Update 22 is now live, and the new update features newly added  Guild Finder and Guild Listings UI, making finding guilds and recruiting a whole lot easier.


Guilds in ESO aren't exactly like guilds in traditional MMOs, but the update sought to make them easier to join and recruit for. The new guild UI allows players to search for open guilds and filter the results based on activities they’re interested in and their experience requirements. Guildmasters can also easily advertise that their guild is open for new member applications using the new UI.

"A Guild is a great way to enrich your experience in ESO," says UI Design Lead Bobby Weir. "A lot of our favorite memories in gaming are grounded within the Guilds that we've played with over the years, so we wanted to make finding and connecting with Guilds easier."

Players can currently join up to 5 guilds, each of which is restricted to 500 players. In the time since the game's release, a huge number of guilds have emerged, serving as social hubs for players to meet, join up, and take on group quests and dungeons together.

"In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can join up to five different 500-player Guilds. With Guild activities ranging from PvP to roleplaying to trading or simply helping newer players, there's hundreds of Guilds in game right now. This means that looking for and joining a Guild can be a daunting experience for some players, and this is what the team looked to improve with Update 22."

Update 22 adds a new Guild Finder tool to the Guilds menu. This tool will allow players to browse guilds within the game, finitially filter the list using the following seven activities: Crafting, Group PvE, PvP, Questing, Roleplaying, Social, and Trading. Players can continue to narrow down the list by selecting additional activities and your play style, including options for Balanced, Casual, or Hardcore.

"We built the tool based on how Guilds have traditionally advertised themselves," continues Weir; "and how players looking for Guilds have done so. Our hope is that we're not just connecting players and Guilds, but we're connecting compatible players and Guilds; those that share the same in-game interests, speak the same languages, have the same mindset, and play around the same times."

The new tools will also make it easier for Guildmasters to recruit new members. Just imply navigate to your Guilds UI menu and select the Recruitment option. From there, edit your Guild Listing and assess the Applications.When creating a new listing, you can set your primary and secondary focus, in addition to additional activities, roles, Champion Point requirements (if any) play style, and more.

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