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Guide on Making Money in Path of Exile

2019-04-26 01:18:48

Lots of people whine and complain about being broke in POE. In fact, there are couples of different ways of making money in Path of Exile. Below, we Joymmo.com has listed some several fast and easy methods of making money in POE. Pick your favorite depending on your personal preferences and devote yourself to it. I’m sure you'll soon become a millionaire.

Mapping/Endgame Boss Farming

Running maps is a main way to make money in endgame. You get free item quantity (well not free but ez to get quantity) and rarity, and often better drops than simple Dried Lake farming. However, unless you're running them back-to-back and not stopping, you're probably not going to get as much as in the Dried Lake.

There are some bosses in the game that can be continuously farmed for certain items and profit. I'd recommend against going for these as a new player, as it is not cheap to do these runs and they can be easily failed with a poor build or little experience.

The Chaos Recipe and 6-Socket Items 

The chaos recipe or the jeweller's orb trade-in are the key to making money, and might end up being the bulk of your farming profit

Basically, the chaos recipe is as follows: you collect a chest armor, a pair of gloves, boots, a helmet, two rings, an amulet, a belt, and either a two-handed weapon or two one-handers. All of these must be rare and unidentified (no wisdom scroll used on them). All items must be item level 60 or above Trade all of those in to the vendor and you will receive two chaos orbs. Now that may seem like a lot for two chaos but think about it: you could get all ingredients in one or two Dried Lake runs, and those items would probably be utter garbage anyways. This is how experienced players make money. Well, among other things, this is a big part of it. If you like, you can do this recipe with items ilvl 75 and above for two regal orbs. You can also use identified rare items, but you will only get 1 chaos for those sets.

Additionally, the second most important recipe to know about is the 6-socket recipe. This one is simple: find a 6-socket item, sell it to a vendor. You now have 7 jeweller orbs. That is over 1 chaos for a single white item. Works with weapons and body armor, no links required. Always  pick them up.

Prophecy Rolling

You have to be at least level 72 to use this method due to the way Navali chooses which prophecies you're allowed to roll, but there is not much else you need to do to prepare -- just be cautious and price check every single prophecy you are unfamiliar with, this is crucial and I cannot stress this enough. Your goal is to just transform all your silver into as many prophecies as possible, while making back the biggest returns you can. Note that this method requires multiple empty stash tabs to be efficient. Load up your prophecy pool. Seal the prophecy with the lowest seal-cost, seek a new prophecy, and repeat until you are out of silver. Then, when all is said and done, pick and choose which prophecies you'd like to sell on the market, and vendor the rest. Remember the golden rule of bulk selling: The more you have, the more you can charge, because time is money. 

That's the end of this Path of Exile guide. If you don't have enough time to play Path of Exile and earn money, you can visit Joymmo.com for Cheap Path of Exile Coins. Compared to other sellers, our price is competitive and our delivery is faster.