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How to Best Use The 59th Minute Method and Make Money in NHL 19

2019-04-26 09:23:56

The 59th minute method has been the most well known and well documented method for making coins in every NHL, FIFA and Madden ultimate team mode, since it has been touted in every EA sports game with ultimate team since 2009. so, how to use this method to its advantage and make big money in NHL19? Joymmo.com will tell you below:

The 59th Minute Method 

For those who uninitiated what the 59 th minuter method is, you can check the video below:

Here are the things that make a good 59th minuter:

Wide card selection. you should be able to answer what just about any card from 5K - 100k is going for in a blink without thinking about it.

Quick recognition of steals which doesn't require you to think or ask yourself if its a good deal.

Most importantly bank roll. Way way too many guys are underfunded because they just have to buy X card to improve their team. Underfunded guys as a result then ton to lay off a lot of the smaller flips but dont have enough for the big flips. Those flips add up. The bank roll I've found ideal for me since NHL 15 has been 400,000 coins. Why so much? Well when your on top of things your going to have 15-25 active auctions. The price of these cards will likely vary but most of the best flips aside from the ones mission a digit on a star player are actually those where a high end player is underpriced for whatever reason. Often due to day to day fluctuations. As an example yesterday I bought an Ovechkin for 140k, Sold for 180k. Ovi had been going for 160ish and even lower at times the prior day.

Other Tips: 

I would recommend having at least 30k so that you can spend more than like 10 minutes at the 59th minute. If you only take like 10k coins, you'll be out of coins after like 5 minutes and 3 flips. You can certainly take a lot more coins to the 59th minute. The more the better, since you'll be able to set your BIN max to a higher value and have more cards to browse and work with. If you don’t have so much coins, come and buy Cheap NHL 19 Coins at Joymmo.com, a reliable, cheap and fast online in-game currency store.

It's easier to snipe bargains when promotional packs are on the market or when TOTW is announced as users are thirsty for packs, so they are busy selling off any spare players they have for quick coins. Buy up players cheap, and re-sell a couple of days later when prices return to normal.

Learn how to use the "My bids" tabs properly, so you could see if you've been outbided or not.

Always try to keep up on the market, as it changes all the time.

Last, there are a lot of people working the market, so I actually win about 1 in 5 attempts at buying a card even if it is brand spanking new to the AH at 59m59s. Don't get discouraged, just keep trying and be fast!