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Trove Guide: How to Get Empowered Gems as Low Level Players

2019-04-28 09:09:47

Empowered Gems are a type of equipable radiant or stellar gem in Trove. They are greater than the regular gem and comes in various elemental colours such as Air, Water and Fire. So, how to get empowered gems? What the use of empowered gems

How to Use Empowered Gems?

Empowered gems have a special ability that can be added to any class. However, it will take 2 re-Gemerators to unequip the gem. Below, the video showcase the abilities of empowered gems.

An Empowered gem loot collected gives the player gem dust depending on the rarity and level of the gem and a empowered gem fragment for radiant and 2 fragments for stellar,which can be used in the the Adventures crafting to craft a Stellar empowered gem box which when opened gives a guaranteed stellar gem.

How to Get Empowered Gems?

Empowered gems come from several sources:

Once a week by spending Lunar Souls after defeating the Shadow Tower Boss "Daughter of the Moon". You will only get 1-3 Lunar Souls depending on the difficulty of ST you do (I believe Ultra is 4 total, but I'm not certain). Spend them at the Shadowy Merchant crafting table after the boss fight to trade them 1:1 for Empowered Gem Boxes. The Monday daily bonus gives double or triple if you have patron.

Pirrot farming is a specific quest(given by davy) that gives 36 adv or 42 with patron for killing 30 pirrots in drowned worlds. you can set up a farm around a cursed skull found in 3 dungeons by standing just outside of the blue rings and continuously shooting at it to rack up kills for the quest without completing the dungeon.

Leader boards are another great way to earn free empowered gem boxes. Check it each week for ways to get lots of useful rewards.

A tome gives 1 weekly. Once you've clipped 5k power rank, your class gem is another empowered gem.

Grinding adventurine you can buy radiant empowered gems. They'll work as fillers till you get stella.

When you loot collect empowered gems, you'll get shards every 10 and you can craft a stellar empowered gem box.

Above all, as low level players, I would suggest you try to get all your unlocked classes to 2,500 PR, eventually all to 5,000 PR. Each week the contest is on three different classes, and if you have them at 2,500+, then you get 1 empowered gem box per class. At 5,000+ however, you get 3 per class. Those are the only way I know of getting empowered gems... It's basically all about getting your characters to a high enough PR where you get the boxes, then waiting for good RNG and getting good empowered gems.

Try to keep your Flux for Stellar weapon and ring (you can get one with Physical damage and a bad second stat) and then face/hat. This will give you enormous PR and damage for about 15k flux per part. For more flux, you can come to Joymmo.com for Cheap Trove Flux. The Shadow Tower is pretty much the only way to get empowered gems otherwise.