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Trove Golden Soul Guide: The Best Way to Farm Golden Souls

2019-04-29 09:12:03

If you wanna start a Club of your own, that means you need to go out hunting golden souls. However, they are very rare and hard to collect. So, how to farm golden souls fast? Here are some tips and trick to collect golden souls fast.

In my opinion, the best way to collect golden souls, is finding Caverns in Dragon Fire Peaks Zones, specifically on Tuesdays. Dragon Fire Peaks is first accessible in Uber-5 so I would say Uber-5 is the best Uber to obtain golden souls in.

A cavern is a large, open, underground area that spawns a ton of ore nodes. I haven't seen an area in the game where you can collect more golden souls in a reasonable amount of time. They (golden souls) do spawn in other biomes though. Golden souls tend to spawn in chunks of shapestone (purple ore), so you'll want to mine shapestone nodes to expose the golden soul block, if they aren't visible.

A good tip to find the cavern is to look for a dragon fire zone which borders water. Fly to the coast that is bordering the water and see if it has tall coastal mountains/cliffs. If the DFP zone is flat, it likely won't have a cavern. If it has these tall coastal walls, you can drill/bomb through the wall to get into the cavern.

During this holiday event all bonuses are on so you are getting double golden souls when mining them (i think) and there is probably twice as many people mining them during the holiday. The price has plummeted on the market from a low of 500flux to dipping below 300flux. I am assuming you want to get 100 golden souls to form a club.

Unless someone grabs control of the market which they have (just looked at the price) and all golden souls that were under 500flux have been bought and put back up on market for 500flux. However I would expect that when this person goes to bed or whatever the price will start dropping again. To save you time, you can also buy  buy golden souls with Cheap Trove Flux at Joymmo.com, a definitely reliable, cheap and fast online in-game currency store.

In addition, to increase your farming efficiency, it is better to join a group. If you see another person mining the same world, ask to join them..if they say no, join them anyway. The reason for this is simple, you want to farm fast. You can farm fast if all you find is empty holes. Even one other person can make mining hard, so it's best to team up and hit all nodes together and ensuring you get the max amount before needing to switch worlds. 

Personally, I Join the western world. Western world I would personally say is the best, but that is subjective, and you should mine in a world you like as it makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Though with the high amount of ore, and low level mob, its' a great place to get GS as well as low level drops to pad your mastery.