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Elder Scrolls Online Beginner Guide - Enchanting Explained and How to Level Enchanting Fast

2019-05-22 09:22:31

Many Elder Scrolls Online beginners are confused about Enchanting system in the game. Therefore, today, in this guide, Joymmo.com will explain the basic mechanic of enchanting in Elder Scrolls Online. By the way, you can also buy Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold and other in-game items here. Now, let's get started.

There are 3 types of glyphs in the game: Armor Glyphs, Weapon Glyphs and Jewelry Glyphs. You must have the right type of glyph to enchant an item.

Blue and higher quality dropped items are usually already enchanted. Crafted items must be enchanted by a player. White and green quality items will often have traits but not enchantments. You can enchant them yourself using any glyph in your inventory.
Enchanting an item destroys the glyph in the process, and is irreversible.

In ESO, an enchanted item cannot be disenchanted for enchanting materials, or to learn an enchantment. Glyphs must be deconstructed using an Enchanting table, to extract materials to craft new glyphs. New Enchantments are simply learned by unlocking passives.

You do not need to have any skill points in Enchanting to apply any glyph to any item. You only need skill points to craft glyphs beyond level 10 (Trifling) yourself.

There are many Runes out in the open world that you can harvest for materials to create glyphs.

Potency runes can be purchased from any Enchanting vendor.

All glyphs have level brackets, so read the tool tips!! Glyphs will always drop according to your current character level bracket.

Many glyphs drop from chests and are given as quest rewards. You can also get them from dolmen (daedric anchors found in every zone), and especially from dungeons.

You level up Enchanting through creating glyphs and doing daily writs, but also through deconstructing/extracting glyphs. You get more Inspiration (which is XP for crafting leveling) from deconstructing a glyph another character has created, than you get from deconstructing a glyph your enchanter has created. You can either find an Enchanting "buddy" to trade glyphs to deconstruct, or level up Enchanting on 2 characters at once. Because your alternate character is considered "another player" in this context.

How to level enchanting fast?

Despite costing rune materials, creation of a glyph only grants roughly half the inspiration as deconstruction of a glyph of the same tier/quality. Creating glyphs is not the best way to level; Runes should be saved and used to create glyphs as you need them or translated late in the leveling process. Never deconstruct a glyph you created as doing so yields only about 10% of the inspiration otherwise obtained, instead trade/sell it (often through a guild store) to another enchanter.
Below, there is a method of leveling enchanting fast using cheap master writs (alch, ench) for regular XP.

The bonus is that if you pre-make the items, you can do it all during the course of one 150% xp pot. Method:

1.Level alch and enchanting to 50
2.Have a lot of materials in your bank/craft bank so you can make it all
3.Buy a bunch of cheap master writs, equal to half of your free inventory space. Number of vouchers is irrelevant, so the 2-voucher ones are best
4.Pre-make all the items for the writs
5.Figure out what skills you want to level and put them on your bar. Use armor/weapons you want to level
6.Drink the 150% xp pot
7.Use writ for quest, turn in writ quest. Repeat. Change skills as necessary

For a frame of reference, if you are CP160+, a writ delivers about 18k xp. So it's about 45k XP with a pot. I think that makes it less than 5 writs/level