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Path of Exile Scion Guide - How to Unlock Scion, How to Best Build and Play Scion

2019-05-22 01:15:36

In Path of Exile, to unlock Scion, you need to complete the main quest-line (currently it consists of three acts) on normal difficulty level with at least one of the heroes available at the start. Towards the end of Act III (the final act), you will head to an area called “The Scepter of God.” This is the area that literally leads to the final boss of the game. On the last floor of Sceptre of God, or Upper Sceptre of God, you can meet a fair-haired girl of noble family caged like an animal. After having a conversation with her, then you’ll be able to you can play as the Scion.


To unlock Scion as fast as possible, the key would be using an anti-race strategy. You would stay in areas like the ledge well past the optimal xp grind level so that you could "overpower" more difficult content without having to negotiate for trades to get powerful enough to kill things at-level.

Take myself as an example. I do everything, kill every mob, scorched earth style, and I am always over-leveled. To help you level up fast, Joymmo.com provides Cheap Path of Exile Boosting. I know this does not aid with speed, but speed is relative to knowledge. In HC, it is safer to take longer (obviously), and in SC, not dying allows you to go longer without rage-logging.

If you show up to the final fight underleveled and undergeared, then you will find that you do not have enough portal scrolls, and you will actually have to run that entire dungeon again after grinding for hours for portal scrolls. I can imagine that would be a bit demoralizing.

Tips on Scion Best Build:

Scion was actually by far the most used class last league and is still one of the strongest. However she's also the hardest to build around and level and the final skill tree can be very unintuitive. If you really want to play scion I recommend picking slayer, no matter what build you play, and whatever other ascendancy boosts your DPS the most. Slayer is by far the strongest defensively and you really can't go wrong with it.

otherwise most builds you want to focus on is what ever your main attack is. That dictates the type of damage you will be dealing. Secondly you focus on trying to maximize that specific type of damage.

Later on as you level up and gain access to different skills you want to find ways to support your attack and start looking into sustainability. For finding good sustainability you want to focus on one damage reduction type. That’s only picking up gear that provides armor or only provides energy shield and evasion.

All of this is all cater to your personal preference it's just a matter of how well you put it together and how well you consistently follow the trend that you've already started making.

That's the end of this Scion Guide. For more news and guides on POE, stay tuned to Joymmo.com.